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Very dynamic, international start-up with lots of opportunities and ways to grow!

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Wofür möchtest du deinen Arbeitgeber im Umgang mit der Corona-Situation loben?

We have a dedicated SimCare team at SimScale that takes care of employees, not just in the current situation but in general (creating events, chocolate for Valentine’s Day or other holidays, etc.). Particularly right now, there are different ways to be able to engage with others while working from home: virtual Happy Hours, online Games, photo and other challenges, and many more.


The atmosphere at SimScale is really great! Not only are we able to work on interesting and challenging topics, but we also get to do this with kind and fun team members. It’s a very harmonious atmosphere.


There are regular meetings where we get to talk about what we currently work on, where we need help, etc. I can always approach my manager or team members for help. I also learn more about what others in my team and the company as a whole work on.


I can start and finish my work days independently without being micromanaged, I am encouraged to take my vacation days and do not have to feel bad for taking time off.


Very open feedback culture, I can always approach my manager and other team leads for help.

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Lots of different, interesting opportunities, objectives are set on a quarterly basis with the chance to suggest topics that I would like to work on and that would benefit SimScale.


It is a great office, open space but still separate areas so everyone is able to work without interruption. There is a little more room for changes in the office - more plants, comfortable lighting, etc. But we get the chance to share our feedback and SimScale is always working on implementing changes.


At SimScale I can proactively approach my team lead and talk about where the company sees me, where I see myself.