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Work-Life-Balance and Atmosphere


People are open minded and kind. The atmosphere is very positive. I never had this vibe before and that is what makes AMS unique.


We work with interesting and well known Brands.


It is great, there is no micromanagement going on at AMS, the relationships are built on trust, which therefore affects the Work-Life-Balance. As long as the job gets done, you plan your own schedule.


There is always the possibility to choose your own path within the company. If you want to work with a new client after some time you are able to do so, AMS is highlighting these possibilities rather then neglecting them. It doesn't make you get tired of AMS. Great variety.


Happy with my salary and social benefits.


Because I work fully remote, I do not need to use the car to work and pollute the environment. AMS makes it possible.


Within recruitment, we mostly work on our own projects, but we also share best practices with each other and try to connect on a weekly basis with the whole team to keep the communication up.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

Age has never been an issue, at AMS we see advantages, more senior employees have a lot of experience that is valuable for the younger ones and vice versa.


I have a great connection to my Manager. It is very productive and a honest relationship.


Home Office = Love it


There is an open communication, upper management has a nice tone towards everyone. Ideas are welcome and not being dismissed.


Everyone gets treated with respect.

Interessante Aufgaben

In recruitment, you have the main tasks as everywhere else but you are also able to participate in side projects, which gives more depth towards your role.