avodaq AG als Arbeitgeber

  • Hamburg, Deutschland
  • BrancheIT
avodaq AG

Good place if you want to learn about networking/security.

Nicht empfohlen
Ex-Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat im Bereich IT bei avodaq AG in Berlin gearbeitet.


The 90% time was really good. Not everyone was fine with the English situation, and you really feel that you are not part of the family even if you are looking forward. The language is a big wall, and is something that will never change.


Language. They wanted to be international but now they regreted. English is useful inside IT department, but for any other meetings coming from the CEO or other departments will be in German.


I don't have any problem with them, they are really good people and really professional but I really missed some feedback from theirs side. Nobody check my work or how I improve the product (even for the salary review nobody did it). Seems like it's not important how good you are or what things do you want to improve, just do your work and make it done.


Salary+Benefits really really low compared to the average in Berlin and unuseful salary review.


Not clear how you can improve your career inside the company. Random decisions and really hard to go to new stack and new patterns. Always rejected when I try to learn new knowledge without reason.



Interessante Aufgaben


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