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  • München, Deutschland
  • BrancheIT
censhare gmbh

Good culture and product, gradually ruined by bad management

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Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Flexibility with regards to work hours and individual arrangements. Some great people to work with and very good collaboration on the peer-to-peer level. Technically challenging and interesting. Often its still fun to work here - when you are able to ignore all the stuff that is going on at the management level.

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Trust and mutual respect are lacking very much at the moment. Employees are talked to, but not listened to. No transparent accountability is created for improvements. Very bad office location (Munich HQ).


Try and get some stability at the leadership and management level. Constantly changing people and strategies is not going to help us. Show more appreciation for the people that are still there, instead of irritating them with pointless discussions about home office regulations - otherwise even more will leave. Be more transparent instead of trying to hide what's really going on.


Amongst peers it's still ok, but there is a lot of distrust between employees and management. And it's getting worse and worse.


Some attempts at being transparent from management side, but a lot is happening behind closed doors. I often feel like we are deliberately kept in the dark about many important develoments.


Still the best thing about this company is the cooperation with my peers. They are open and competent, with very few political battles


Mostly ok. Non-work responsibilities are usually respected. Some people have a tendency towards self-exploitation, but that's their fault.


Not much in terms of positive feedback or appreciation. Employees are often taken for granted - until they leave. Even then, no effort is made to show employees that the company cares about the remaining ones.

Interessante Aufgaben

The product itself is interesting and doesn't get boring. The transition to the new tech stack is challenging, but more should be invested in training and education to make sure everyone can keep up.


No problems here. Even though the management level is pre-dominantly male, this might change.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

Haven't observed any issues here.


Some good investments in office space, but still no ergonomic furniture. Little support for people working from their home other than allowing it. For a company of this size and industry, the conditions are generally below market average.


A few separate measures, such as renewable electricity, but no structural efforts to be more environmentally friendly. Climate change is largely ignored, no social consciousness. This topic simply has no priority for the leaders and owners.


Average salaries, some benefits, nothing special.


The constant changes at the leadership level are irritiating, not only for the employees, but also for partners and customers. The future appears rather uncertain.


Barely any budget for training and education, other than internal things. No strucural efforts to have individual training and development programmes.