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Start appreciating your employees. Involve us in decision-making processes. For you, we are just robots that do the work. You made that quite transparent when you renamed the "People and Organisation" department to "Human Resources".


Unfortunately, you can't trust the management and have to expect to be sacked at any time, as your own team may be outsourced.
There were two major waves of redundancies last year. This year, several developers, designers and even a member of management have already had to leave the company.

The working atmosphere within the teams might be better. At least I can speak for my team that its very good.


The Agile Office was cancelled last year. Since then, the teams have had to organise communication meetings themselves. That works reasonably well. Communication between different teams is another matter.


The team spirit among the staff is very good. I like going to the office to meet people from other departments. There are also after-work events from time to time where people get together.


Since last year, we have had to come back to the office at least two days a week. Fortunately, this is not monitored. So there is still plenty of scope for a good work-life balance. We can organise our own working hours. Holidays can also be requested at relatively short notice. One point minus for the management's attempt to force people back into the office.


The management is erratic and cannot be trusted. Today they preach transparency and cohesion, tomorrow they sack an entire department and outsource it to external service providers. There was also a group of colleagues who wanted to set up a works council. All sides of management worked against this plan. The initiators were repeatedly persuaded not to do it.


The office is well equipped. There are height-adjustable desks and different areas for different working styles. Unfortunately, all the old things were blindly thrown away in the course of the office redesign, although many things were still fully functional. Zero sustainability awareness!


The company's biggest customers are also Germanies biggest polluters. On a positive note, NGOs receive discounts on the product. Nevertheless, we are helping the big bad guys to market their harmful products.
Unfortunately, there is no waste separation in the office.


My starting salary was good. Unfortunately, after several years it didn't increase any more


The image fluctuates. There are bad phases, between which the mood always calms down a little. Now there's another bad phase.


If you want to make a career, you have to change companies.

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Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

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People Team

Dear colleague,

It is a pity that you rate us so low on many criteria.

With regard to your views on communication and the working atmosphere, we would be pleased to receive specific suggestions on what you think could be done differently.

At the same time, we are pleased that you enjoy working with your team and appreciate our work-life integration.

With the exception of waste separation, we cannot understand your criticism of our environmental and social awareness.

We would also like to point out that although there have been changes in the People Team, there has been no renaming to HR.

Please feel free to contact us for a personal chat. We would like to better understand some of the points of criticism.

Best regards, your People Team