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One of the best companies I've ever worked for!



An amazing team in an awesome office, great passion and a really cool product to work on.


Times had been quite tough recently. Although people are recovering from that and it feels like the company is heading into the right direction, there is still a walk to walk to live up to the high standards Freeletics is used to.


Just working in an environment that cares so much for health and wellbeing affects you already even if you are not the fittest person. It's definitely highly motivating!


It's possible and everyone is hitting almost only open doors. However people sometimes are too busy with the daily work that personal development feels a bit behind.


Seems to be all fair!


There is room for improvement here. Not that the company is against it, not at all, there just could be more commitment for these topics.


Everyone is super nice and eager to help.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

We don't have that many honestly but I feel that the ones we have feel accepted and respected in the team.


The new office is a dream! New techniqual equipment is standard and with all the benefits (workout area indoors and on the rooftop, rooftop terrace, BBQ, fully equipped kitchen, AC, ...) the office has to offer you want to go there even if you could also stay in your home office if you like.


They try to be 100% and you see that. Even if it doesn't work perfectly all the time you see the effort and being on the right path.


I feel that Freeletics is really taking care of that fact. The team split between women and men is almost 50/50 and from what I see there is a lot of understanding for mothers and their needs of being flexible for example (and father too of course).

Interessante Aufgaben

Working on a product that one is personally interested in is a really cool thing! The dynamic techie environment is nice and that passion that the team brings in feels just amazing.