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Good internship experience for working envirnment and team, but not satisficing in terms of tasks and responsabilities

Ex-Praktikant/inHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung nicht mehr im Bereich Produktion bei HypoVereinsbank - UniCredit - Deutschland in München gearbeitet.


I work in a market division, and the composition is not as internation as often advertised, namely the majority of my colleagues are between 40 and 60, and all German. Nevertheless, they have always been very open and supportive. Apart form this, it has been easy to meet and connect with other interns with more international background.


In my division they care a lot about the baalnce between the time spent with the family and at work, and have always been understanding of personal issues and needs

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

They keep some distance but are open to share their experiences if you show the interest


As an intern, salary is only enough to cover the living expenses in the city


Recognized in germany, but not comparable to top tier international banks




Interessante Aufgaben







Sascha ReinhartPeople & Culture

Dear former colleague,

Thank you very much for sharing your internship experience with us. We greatly value your insights and perspectives, and we're thrilled to hear about the positive aspects you highlighted regarding our work environment and team dynamics.

Facilitating connections and fostering an environment where interns with diverse backgrounds can engage and collaborate is something we value immensely. Therefore, we encourage building relationships across departments and teams by organizing various networking formats.
On top of that, it is also great that your direct colleagues were open and supportive despite the age difference.

We appreciate your feedback about your tasks and responsibilities, and we continuously strive to ensure that our interns have engaging and fulfilling roles that contribute to their growth and development. Have you tried to proactively reach out to your supervisor to ask for more engaging tasks?

Regarding the salary for interns, we understand the importance of fair compensation and ensuring that it aligns with the living expenses in the city. And you are right - Munich is quite expensive! With 2.050,00 € (before taxes) per month for both voluntary and required internships as well as some additional benefits, we believe that we already offer an attractive compensation package. Nevertheless, we are constantly reviewing our intern compensation structure to make it competitive and reflective of the market standards.

Your feedback is crucial to us, and we're eager to continue improving our internship program based on your valuable insights. If you have further thoughts or suggestions, we'd love to hear them. Thank you once again for your contribution to our growth journey. We wish you all the best for your future and hope our paths cross again some day!

Best regards
Sascha Reinhart