Let's make work better.




Great company but with a major problem

Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung im Bereich Produktion gearbeitet.

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they are always thinking of improving and expanding work

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the points system they have for the production section
it is the worst system ever:
1- unfair
2- stressful
3- limiting the quality that the employees can achieve with the product
4- you get 5 times the time needed to repair a mistake removed from your points for every mistake you do
-5 depressing, it make the employees hate the job and think about searching for another work
The production manager is always trying to fix it and help the employees but the system is beyond repair


they need to care more about the production team and make events for them because right now there is zero events!!! where other departments do have a lot
what production team gets from the company owners is stress only


the work atmosphere is great the production manager is young and flexible and understanding and he cares about everyone


The production team is always out of the picture as if he is not a part of the company
unlike other departments


all the employees in production are nice and they are the best thing about this work
they help you all the time
they are always respectful to you no matter young or old you are
they all like to joke around and have fun to keep the stress away from the work


no problem at all here only on the last 2 months of the year you can't take days off and it's understandable


the production manage/leader is doing a great job
he always listen to everyone involved before making any decision
and he is always making improvements and trying to make the workplace comfortable for all the employees

Interessante Aufgaben

not always but yeah most of the time it's fairly disrupted


did not see a problem of this kind

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no problem at all


they are improving the work place always


yes they have strict rules on dealing with the production wastes


starting salary is very low, it gets better by time but not much


they are always trying to develop the skills of the employees further




Dear Colleague,

thank you for your overall very good feedback. We are happy that in most points we are already donig a good job.
Taking care about our people and creating a family like atmosphere is one of our most valuable goals. This is something we will always enforce even though we are growing fast.

Due to the rising complexity of PC systems nowadays we already know the points system needs an update and we are working on it. First changes have already been made, so that a bonus can be achieved earlier. Further improvements will come, but these things take some time unfortunately.

I and MIFCOM are always open to ideas for improvement. :) My contact details schould be known. In case you don't have them just look me up in Personio or in the Outlook adress book.
Please get in touch any time! :)

Warmest regards,