Starcom MediaVest Group Germany GmbH als Arbeitgeber

Kein Firmenlogo hinterlegt

Horrible place to do an internship (and probably) work at.

Nicht empfohlen
Ex-Praktikant/inHat im Bereich Marketing / Produktmanagement gearbeitet.

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

No interesting tasks or career chances for the interns, unfriendly staff and 4-month late payment.


Take care of interns better.


Very bad. Had to sit in an ugly desk with a very old computer next to a really unfriendly woman who didn't even bother to say hi to me in the mornings.


Unsatisfactory. First day I arrived there as an intern and nobody knew I was going there or prepared me a place to sit or things to do. Every morning I had to wait a couple of hours til someone remembered to give me a task to do. - As an intern I was never invited to join any meetings.


People working there are the unfriendliest bunch I've ever seen. Everyone seems super self-centered and nobody is trying to even pretend to be nice.

Interessante Aufgaben

I had to do stupid tasks such as searching for Samsung ads in magazines. As a well-qualified intern I thought this was a very uninteresting task.


I got a pc that was really old which was only good for checking emails and websites and nothing more than that.


Low for an internship. The biggest problem was that they paid me 4 months after my internship was done. I had to send them many emails to finally get the payment. Very unprofessional.