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Exciting times are yet to come !

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I am not originally from Germany and integration can be difficult sometimes when you are not a native speaker. However, Stokke has over 30 different nationalities which has made a significant change in my life since I live in Stuttgart. It feels great working with people who are experiencing your exact same situation, everybody knows what you are going through. I can only speak for our Sindelfingen office, but it feels like a real family.


In the past year there has been a clear focus on transparency and open communication. Feedback and new ideas are always welcome. We have Round Tables every month, as well as different announcements in our Intranet, Newsletters and Townhalls.
However, cross-departmental communication could still be improved.


We have a Party Committee that involves everybody in several social events throughout the year, such as Summer and Christmas Parties, Family Day, Halloween, Stokke Choir, etc. We are also involved in different Global Competitions and Virtual Coffee Breaks to keep alive the spirit and people connected, especially during Covid times.


At least in my department, we are quite flexible. We track our working hours daily and have home office once per week (on normal circumstances).


My manager and my team make me feel empowered. They trust me despite having a more junior role and they guide me whenever is needed. There is full transparency and honesty between each other, which helps me a lot on my daily tasks.

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We are not a large company; therefore, workload can be high sometimes. Nevertheless, there is always something new to learn or new challenges to deal with. In my opinion, this makes the role even more interesting.


We have two women in our Leadership Team for the first time since I am part of Stokke. Exciting times.


I am happy so far. The only thing I could mention is that the heating system in the office needs to be fixed quite often.


One of the key elements on this year’s Agenda is sustainability, something that is well appreciated.
At the office, we try to recycle as much as possible, but there is still room for improvement.


Overall, I am happy. As I mention earlier, taking into consideration that Stokke is not a big company, we have pretty impressive benefits. Lunch, coffee, tea, fresh fruit twice a week are paid by the company, as well as parking spots.
We also have a bonus plan once a year, based on company and personal performance.


Despite not working with our products on a daily basis, I am very proud of them and what they represent.


We have several performance/development dialogues and 1:1 talks with our manager. In my personal case, I can be completely transparent and honest with my team and manager, which helps me achieving my goals and developing my career.
New processes and improvements are always rolled out but maybe, we should have a stronger focus on our current Talent Management and Succession Plan.

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