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Company with plenty of room for personal development and an international environment

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I enjoy working here with my colleagues from all around the globe.
Everyone is approachable if you need information cross-departmental to make projects work.


So far so good. Our Intranet is used to share a lot of best practices and questions addressed.
However there is room for improvement to align on processes across the different departments.


Colleagues go on events after work together and for lunch they join at the big tables on the two floorss


I can only speak for my department/position, but my hours are tracked and my manager tries to make sure, that this is not exceeded! Of course there are deadlines for projects and this means you sometimes need to work longer but you have the possibility to then work less on other days.


Open communication, free space to bring in own ideas but also guidance on development

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Due to our size within one role lie a lot of different tasks, which makes every day different


Nothing particular to add here. However, we have no women in the Leadership team but rather on Director level.


I am happy with my work set up. The office is modern but often repairs need to be done


Trash system has recently been established but further support in public transport can be established.


I can only talk for my position but my negotiation was alright and you need to take in consideration that lunch is provided as an additional benefit.


We have an Stokke Academy, but there needs to be a stronger focus on the whole organization but efforts are made there with Training rollouts for the whole company.
Besides there are performance / development reviews twice a year which provide a good base to talk about how satisfied you are with your current position and if you potentially want to develop in different directions

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