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Deception in many areas

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Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Young environment with nice and supportive colleagues at the same level.

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

-Starting from the HR Department and Management. The need of improvement is quite high in these two areas
-Anonymous surveys are not anonymous and it is not something new, not sure, why the HR department mentions they are implementing new measures when this is not reality.


At first, you get the impression of working in a friendly environment where the conditions, the management and their employees seem to be open and fair but working there for a while destroys this picture slowly but surely. Just take a look at the high fluctuation-rate of the employees there. You can ask how long people have been in the company and will not find too many older than 2-3 years, especially in the customer service dept. I would recommend taking a look at the previous review called: -Premium Marke spiegelt sich nicht im Büro wieder- Translate it and you will also see more about the truth on this company.
If the main responsibility is to make sure people are happy in the working environment to be productive for the company, then it is recommendable to focus on finding a way to keep them and make good use of their skills. Not terrorize them on the development dialogue and not commenting on personal topics of others without fundament to other colleagues.
I see HR mentions there are employees who got "promoted", after talking to ex-colleagues it is people who have a close relationship with HR.


Depends highly on the team leader and team. The pressure in the customer service team is quite high and the fear of being quit is all around, notably since there is not an open communication between the managers and their employees


Information is often kept and not shared with others for “own benefit” communication flow is not transparent as it appears


Most of the colleagues are nice and supportive


It´s ok.


Professionalism can be improved here, especially when false information is spread from the HR department or the Management- it is quite shocking and unprofessional.

Interessante Aufgaben

Maybe if you are in Marketing or Sales. They get to travel a lot.


Worst salary I got so far in my career.


Depends on your department, the management and connection you have in this company







Etienne Kassnel

Dear ex-colleague,

Thank you very much for your honest feedback.
We regret that you see many things in our company so negatively.

Its always good to know our employees’ opinions, that is why we are sad to see that we didn’t get to know yours in time. Most of the feedback could have been shared in an exit interview, so we actually get to act on the points you mentioned in a dialogue.

We are aware of our weaknesses and are always striving to improve. No company is perfect and we are working on our shortcomings and always reflect after receiving any sort of feedback.

We would very much like to know more about the motives behind your review and would be pleased if you would contact us directly.

We are always interested in optimizing our processes and will gladly incorporate your feedback.

Yours sincerely,

Etienne Kassnel
HR Advisor