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The best company I've ever worked at

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Wofür möchtest du deinen Arbeitgeber im Umgang mit der Corona-Situation loben?

We had a test home office even before the official home office began. They are even hiring a sports trainer to train us while we are stuck in our apartments. We have great communication still and even places for us to hang out and chat.

Wie kann dich dein Arbeitgeber im Umgang mit der Corona-Situation noch besser unterstützen?

Create a better system for handing out raises. Reward your veteran employees more (5+ years)


A slice of pie from Silicon Valley. TEAM23 has by far the best working atmosphere I’ve worked in. Free fruits, coffee, beer, great colleagues to speak with about programming or whatever; TEAM23 gives you the atmosphere to work at your prime.


We are a flat hierarchy so we all speak to each other as equals with valid ideas. Basically, your experience with communication at TEAM23 will depend on how communicative you are.


TEAM23’s colleague cohesion is really one of our best parts. They only pick from workers who will fit with the rest of us. We really are a team.


I define my hours with chiefs and they very very rarely have asked me to work longer

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My projects have all been custom and very creative, forcing me to deal with new problems and learning to solve them in different ways for every project.


We work as long as we agree to.


The most hip company ive ever worked at and I've worked in companies all across America


Salary is decent for Augsburg. Credit must also be given to how much money TEAM23 reinvests in us beyond our salaries


100% best company to come if you have an insatiable hunger for learning to program. This is a company of passionate workers who love their field.



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Andrea Reiter, Chief Staff Officer for Optimistic People & Geek Culture
Andrea ReiterChief Staff Officer for Optimistic People & Geek Culture

Many thanks :)!!!