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Gamechanger wannabe, but the reality ist totally different

Nicht empfohlen
Ex-Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat im Bereich Administration / Verwaltung gearbeitet.


People comes and goes and the company decides to have an expensive office in the heart of Munich, that would be cool if there was enough space for having real breaks or having lunch.


They picture themselves as revolutionary with a transparent communication with the employees, but you are informed of major changes, that happen so often, when they are already happened.


Few reliable collegues and many that are literally just arrived so everybody try to be nice, but no real collaboration


Good Homeoffice possibilities, but a lot of pressure dued to the strategic plotwist that the C-level impose.


Mmmmmm, next question

Interessante Aufgaben

What attracted me to the company was exactly those cool activities and the possibility to develop new skills, but in facts is just pure chaos.


Formal politeness is really respected, nothing more than that, but is one of the best part of the company

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

There aren’t anymore or they are about to leave


Top equipment and lot of indipendence, the real limit of the company are elsewhere


I’ve tried to convince my supervisor and the HR that a company that aim to change the future of healthcare should have a plastic bin in the office, but I was ignored


Competitive salary


They put all their effort there and since the recruiting process they try to sell the coolness of the company


Maybe for some working students


Anna, Talent Acquisition
AnnaTalent Acquisition


Thanks for sharing the experiences you had with us.

I take from your comments, that Temedica was not the right employer for you and would like to address one of your comments in more detail: You say, what initially attracted you to Temedica was the possibility to develop new skills but you couldn't do so because of too much change in the company.

As we have evolved from a B2C to a B2B company over the past year, there have been countless opportunities for development and growth, which many our colleagues successfully took on. However, not everyone is made for such a fast-paced environment and that is totally okay.

At Temedica, change is part of our DNA and what makes our work exciting!

Many greetings,


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