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Once a nice place to work, not anymore.

Nicht empfohlen

Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

The remote work policy and team events are fun sometimes.

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

A don't care attitude from the management combined with resignations from people coming in every month makes it a very hostile place to work for existing colleagues.

Disregarding years of hard work from people and changing strategies too suddenly makes it very demotivating to work there.


The culture worked earlier, recently however more people quit than join the company. Something is clearly flawed in the way upper and middle management runs the place.


Used to be a friendly and fun place to work with knowledgeable colleagues. Recently, after the "major" strategy change, new people who either don't understand the culture or don't care have come in, and the office atmosphere now feels very cold and unfriendly.


Communication with your team/peers is good, but communication with the management (both top and middle) is not so great.


Used to be good at once, recently however the quality of talent has gone down significantly.


Good if you are in a team that doesn't have to continually adapt to the wishes and whims of management.


No one seems to care

Interessante Aufgaben

A year ago maybe there were some, but nothing anymore.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

Most of them have quit now with a handful remaining who will probably quit soon anyways


Good remote policies, the office does not offer a lot of meeting spaces and is mostly crowded on one particular day of the week, team office schedules can be organized much better


Did not find the salary to be at par with the market or competitive in any way. Promotions are extremely hard to come by and the decisions are taken by people who have no clue what work you do or have done. Benefits were under par as well, hope things have changed.


They built a good image of themselves online and offline.


If you have a manager who cares about your career you might have a chance. HR has been promising career roadmaps for a long time now, but nothing has come of it yet.





Anna, Talent Acquisition
AnnaTalent Acquisition


thanks for your feedback.

What I understand from your rating is, that you have become increasingly unhappy with Temedica over the last year and we're sorry to hear that. But you are right, we have changed.

From being a small app-developing Start-up we grew into this leading health insights company, constantly changing the status quo of healthcare, aiming to be ahead of our game. This is why we celebrate change and do not cling to the past.

A side comment: We almost doubled the number of employees last year.

All the best for you,


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