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Monthly shifts in strategy makes it hard to prosper


Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

1. Flexibility: You can more or less work fully remote (within Germany but visiting friends or family outside of Germany is normally also not a problem) and the company will pay for your train and hotel if you are coming to the office for e.g. team workshops.
2. Topics: What the company is trying to achieve is super interesting and has high commercial potential.
3. For working students this is a great place to work as it is a perfect reference on your CV (and there is a fantastic working student community in this company with e.g. after work drinks, restaurant visits etc.)

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

1. How the company has let go employees on their last day of their probation period, even though their output and work was phenomenal ("our strategy has changed")
2. That you do not value good employees as much as they should be valued. Start a development plan and it will do wonders.


1. Please stop faking kununu ratings. It is obvious that that everything over 4.8 stars is fake as no employer is perfect
2. Prioritize development plans FOR EVERY EMPLOYEE (yes I also mean working students with that). You will loose such great talents just because they do not see any career potential in staying.
3. Get things straight quick. Since I have joined the strategy has changed every 2 months and while working on a project it is unclear if this project is still critical in 2 months. This demotivates


The turnover rate has increased in the past few months and many current employees are also not happy how they are being treated (no real development plan, no salary raises, unhappy with management). It seems that people kind of work on their projects but there is no "we win as a team" feeling anymore.


Even though the management tries to bring the company on the same informational level with the monthly-all hands, decisions about personnel (people getting fired) or the strategy are made in silos and the staff learns about them too late IMHO. So on an operational level the all-hands help everyone to understand what other teams are working on, communication should however be more than that. Giving anonymous feedback does not really help, as problems with the current communication style seem to be more fundamental.


It's a great bunch of people working there, really. I can not say anything negative about my colleagues, as helping one another is common sense and especially for a working student this is very valuable.


Working students are paid by the hour and can strictly adhere to their weekly hour limits. I however know that for full-time colleagues working more than 40 hours is standard.


For me personally fantastic, and also what I hear from other working students is that they are very happy with their direct managers. Middle and upper management are however a different story...

Interessante Aufgaben

I am learning so many things and for working students this place can be a place to thrive. This is my biggest compliment to the company that all the projects I am working on are fun and do not get boring.


Sexual orientation or nationalities are non-relevant in this company (in a positive way). Everyone can freely be who they are (culturally, sexually or religiously).

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

I would guess that the mean age of emplyees is something around 32, with only a handful of people over 50. So the staff is rather young and people do not stay int he company for a long time.


Newest technology, everyone can work form home, relatively new office.


This is not a green company in any way (and I don't know if they have to). So there are no real initiatives to do anything for a more sustainable planet


For Munich the working student salary is adequate.


The company looks super innovative from the outside, people however start to speak negatively about it. Especially people who left the company (which is in so many cases due to problems on a personal level with their managers or the management)


Everyone is expected to work more than 40 hours, it is however rather rare that people are being promoted. The management argues that "not having a limit on your working hours is great, cause who would like to work in a boring corporate where things are slow". Seriously, I would be happy to work more than 40 hours if I know that it can help me for my career. This is however another big red flag, as without development plans for employees, the extra work does not pay off. I advise new hires to only sign a contract if they get a development plan upfront which binds the company to praise the hard work you put in. I have heard stories that people are heavily underpaid for their positions, even though their work is outstanding and they deserve a raise. The management however does not prioritize their needs



Anna, Talent Acquisition
AnnaTalent Acquisition


thank you for your comprehensive review and for sharing both positive feedback and perspectives for improvement.

You are right, we're "a great punch of people" and we're even raising in average age ;-)

However, it's important to note that your rating may not fully capture the complexities of certain situations, and may be unfair in some regards. For example, fabricating Kununu ratings never crossed our minds. Also, in line with our ownership-driven work culture, you have full flexibility to manage your own working hours.

Let me further comment on your remark about parting with employees during the probationary period: Be very sure, if any changes in employment status are being considered, we make it a priority to engage in open and honest conversations with employees, provide clear feedback and discuss any potential concerns or issues - decisions are never made arbitrarily.

All the best