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Fast growing startup with skilled and motivated colleagues

Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung im Bereich Forschung / Entwicklung gearbeitet.

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No silos, regular direct contact to everyone including C-level, company attaches great importance to a good feeback culture


Very collegial and productive working atmosphere. Everyone is welcomed very cordially from first day on. You encounter skilled and responsible colleagues .


Every month there is an all-hands meeting where you are informed about company news and decisions. Additionally there are skip level meetings, where you get in touch with the founder and the C-level to give direct feedback. You are informed in a weekly jour fix by your direct manager.


Top! Nice people who are always willing to help even if it's after hours.


Startup-like. But it's also up to you. If you are motivated, then you will probably work longer sometimes to get things done. As staff is still bing increased, it can be that you are the only person in your role, so you have to pick your holidays carefully and in consultation with the teams.


My supervisor - even if totally busy - always takes the time to listen to me, supports me with my decisions, and communicates clearly what he expects.

Interessante Aufgaben

I can decide freely on how and when I want to solve my tasks. If you feel that you are too much busy with things that do not fit your role or expectations, you discuss that with your manager and find support. Additionally, you are invited to influence and establish good processes and a nice tools infrastructure.


Great workplace. But more closed meeting rooms needed! Currently there are only two. But the company is growing they are planning to move in the near future.


As you might expect in a healthcare startup, health and also environmental awareness is great in this company. Most people come by bike or train. However, waste separation does not (always) work. Newcomers from abroad are supported strongly in apartment search.