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A place to be if you can manage the uncertainty and fast pace of a scaling company

Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung im Bereich Forschung / Entwicklung gearbeitet.


The atmosphere in the Data Team is amazing. We have very smart, kind and open colleagues around and it's fun to work on products together. It also helps that the team has a pretty diverse setup, especially given the technical area.

On the company level, there is a lot of friendliness and it's just pleasant to come to the office. Plus we have an amazing cake culture and there is normally cake in the office at least once a week. If you like to bake, you will find a great appreciation for your skills among your colleagues. If you like to eat cake - you are at home.


The communication with the teammates as well as with the close collaborators is very open. Also the C-level executives are very approachable whenever we have an exchange.
The exchange channels between different teams have not been working well enough and we occasionally ran in communication problems. This is improving with time as we are trying to scale and bring everyone closer to the current goal.


Perfect! We work and win together as a team!


There are always a lot of tasks and the Work-Life-Balance is something that an employee needs to be conscious about, e.g. decide when to stop perfecting the solution; decide that the ticket is done and go home. The pace is quite high and there is always something to do, so if someone expects a very chilled workspace where everyone leaves at 5 straight - this is not it. I also don't believe that people join the company at this stage to have a perfect work life balance..



Interessante Aufgaben

This is a scaling startup - things change fast. If you don't like repetitiveness, have a lot of good ideas and enjoy a challenge, you will love it. If you like a routine and get very attached to the project you work on and an initial vision, you will probably not feel good in such a dynamic environment. It's really a matter of taste.


The workplace, e.g. desks could be more modern and ergonomic.


No recycling in the office.


The company benefits are somehow lacking compared to other companies in Munich.


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