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Being a company with impact is not enough

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the passionate & committed colleagues, the work atmosphere.

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In certain cases: Lack of transparency, professionalism and experience on the management side.


To insure good working relationships as well as the fairest handling of the employees, it would be essential to think through the company's HR processes (recruiting, termination, career development etc.).


Typical start-up (scale-up) with strong corporate culture. A lot of fun team events organised by the office manager and employees themselves.


Too many meetings or workshops with noble intention (e.g. "how to communicate better") but with questionable content, structure and goals. Speeches about team work and open communication are in practice often not followed by clear and authentic guidelines. Feedback and development talks appeared sometimes as reactive and non constructive (based on personal feelings, on what others say, without example). Crucial (and life changing) decisions (like termination) have been poorly and harshly communicated. Overall, there is this feeling, that the decision making process is top down : from global (headquarters) to local (countries) and from managers to employees. Some cross-functional projects are slow to implement due to unclear processes whereas other decisions are taken fast, with lack of transparency and justification, sometimes at the cost of employee's decency and respect.


Overall passionate & committed colleagues. The management is still finding its way, and because of a lack of seniority (managers with very few experience are hired to build and manage teams), team work can sometimes be vague and difficult.


In a period of significant growth, management should be way more reliable, experienced and trained. There is here definitely room for improvement: In some cases it felt like decisions were taken fast and improvised. Terminations have been made harshly, without prior discussion, based on impression and feelings rather than on facts and datas. While asked why no chance to improve has been given, following answer has been formulated (as well as communicated internally): "We are growing fast, and don't have time to catch up with employees that are behind" (without defining what exactly "being behind" meant). Announcement of termination is usually communicated via a meaningless template email to the other employees. In case of termination, there are no safeguards (HR, Managers) to insure that all steps have been taken before making this life changing decision.

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Tools and processes are slightly outdated, and with the company growing it makes it more and more difficult to work smartly. Repetitive & ungrateful tasks could be spared by taking more courageous decisions on the global level (e.g. changing working tools and softwares). Tech teams being in the headquarters, projects take usually long to be approved and implemented.


Good gender equality. No diversity, few employees with international background.


Salaries are under the market range with the justification of working for a greater good.


The company has a very good reputation because the product is highly appreciated. However, being a company with impact is not enough. Growing as a company means taking even more time to care about the way its people are handled. How they are managed, hired and off-boarded should be as essential as the business goals: This will definitely have an impact on its future.


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People and Culture Team


and thank you for your very thorough feedback! We appreciate you taking the time.

We are happy to read that you valued the general work atmosphere, our committed team and culture. These are things that are very important to us, too.

However, we agree with you that, while we are doing well in regards to gender equality already, our team needs to become more diverse in the future. This is something we are currently actively working on, on a global and local level. For example, we are currently hiring a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program Manager and DE&I week has just started today!

In regards to salaries, we can say, that it is important to us to pay fair wages. In order to ensure this, we are looking at standards typical for the industry and most recently worked with an external consultancy that supported us in this.

From your review, we got the impression that you have a lot of good thoughts and valuable input and we would love to hear from you on for more details. Feel free to contact us there anytime!

Thank you and kind regards,
Your Too Good To Go Team