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Culture of the company requires a big overhaul. People are kept under lot of unnecessary pressure and made to leave.

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Hat bei Automotive Safety Technologies GmbH in Gaimersheim gearbeitet.

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hardly anything

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culture, salary, hikes, bonus, pressure, bad projects handling


Treat people like people instead of money making chickens


Colleagues are really good but support departments like HR and others are really not approachable.


Improved a lot in the recent past


Management team has no vision on what they are doing


HR is highly inapproachable and kind of maintain touch me not environment with technical departments


They pay better than any service oriented company in the region, but company did not pay the bonus for last two years continuously.


Management team really needs to focus on what culture they are growing in the company


As far as I see, people dont much care about your career plan. You need to cry/fight for it.



Interessante Aufgaben


Umgang mit älteren Kollegen




Nina EichenseherUnternehmenskommunikation/Marketing

Dear former colleague,

unfortunately we have no idea on when you left us or how long you stayed with us. Obviously we did not fulfil your expectations which makes us really sad. Such a very bad rating cleary shows that we unfortunately couldn’t establish a mutual beneficial situation.

While we are struggling a bit to understand how interesting tasks/ projects (4 stars) and very good behavior of management/ superiors (4 stars) fit into that overall picture (e.g. “management team has no vision on what they are doing”) we regret that obviously we couldn’t provide you with an effective channel to voice your concerns while working with us.

If you left just recently you surely acknowledged that we are putting much effort into driving improvements in nearly each and every corner of our company, every day. That e.g. “communication improved a lot in the recent past” as mentioned by you encourages us on our way.

We would very much like to invite you to a personal conversation where we can discuss your perceptions and feelings more in detail as well as your suggestions on further improvements.

In any case we sincerely hope that you are finding the work environment that you are looking for and full-heartily can contribute to your next employers success. We wish you all the best and much success for your further journey.

(Sad but) Best wishes,