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Behind the curtain of the kununu Corona Employer Transparency Ticker


For many people, the first time they encountered any implications of the Coronavirus crisis was in their workplace. And while the virus’ impact on our home lives is certainly undeniable, the way that the Coronavirus pandemic so quickly changed the way we all work and that it has generated so much insecurity for employees and employers was something we at kununu couldn’t ignore. With our Corona Employer Transparency Ticker (CETT) we aimed to make transparent how employees perceived their employers’ response to the pandemic and to share best practices that other companies could benefit from. Here we provide you insights to our way of working on the initiative and the most exciting results.

The media repeatedly compared the crisis to a marathon. In many countries, the first wave of infections has been overcome, but there are warnings that the second wave is about to hit the shore and that the second half of the marathon is still ahead of us. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives and in a previous article we reflected on how we at kununu experienced the first months and summarized our main learnings. Now we want to take a look at other companies and how kununu supported the public discussion with workplace data

Once we realised what was going to happen, we wanted to make a contribution to the public debate and support both employers and employees during these challenging times. For many people it was their workplace where they first got in direct contact with the implications of the crisis and its crisis management. This is where we put our spotlight: First, we wanted to highlight how employees perceived their employers’ reactions to the crisis and second, we wanted to give employers an opportunity to share how they dealt with the crisis, so that employers could learn from others' solutions. We aimed to create transparency on the one side and show solidarity with employers which really made an effort to support their employees on the other side. We are sure that job seekers will be looking at how employers dealt with the crisis when looking for a job. Employers who acted as a role model in these difficult times will stand out for that even after the crisis is over. 

How we combined forces to make this happen
Facing the new situation, working from home and with time constraints made building the Corona Employer Transparency Ticker and cross-departmental collaboration a challenge - yet a challenge we were excited to take on. Teams from Marketing, PR, Business Analytics, Product, Content and Engineering worked together on the planning, execution, implementation and communication. We created our own slack groups, Kanban boards and had daily stand-ups to align ideas and discuss roadblocks. In accommodating the new situation we also introduced daily video calls to discuss ideas and roadblocks. At the same time, we also wanted owners of workstreams to be able to move as quickly as possible, so the individual workstream owners took their own decisions without lengthy alignments or consultations. Being motivated by our mission to create transparency, all teams pulled together on getting this out to the people as soon as possible. As everyone was certain about how important and urgent this topic was, we prioritized the Coronavirus project first over other day-to-day business that we knew could wait. We are proud of what we achieved in such a short time and under the given circumstances – it was a great cross-department success. 

Results of our Corona Employer Transparency Ticker
The Transparency Ticker was kununu's first public dashboard that showed how employers coped with the crisis and what was perceived by the employees that were affected. The Live Ticker included dimensions such as family friendliness of measures, communication of crisis-related measures, safety at work, satisfaction with the measures and the speed with which the measures were implemented. 
After 60 days in service, almost 50,000 people provided us with insights from their workplace and more than 70,000 visitors directly visited the dashboard. We could clearly see that the people were mostly satisfied; three out of four users stated they were very satisfied with the measures taken by their employer. What stood out was that the speed of implementation was the highest-rated dimension. Regardless of whether the measures were satisfactory or not, 78 percent said on average that their management reacted quickly enough. This shows that people at least had the feeling that someone cares, it's not just a situation of panic with uncontrolled actions. Users had the feeling that there was a deliberate reaction to what was happening around them. That gave them a degree of security and gave them a framework with which they could also work.

In addition to the Corona Employer Transparency Ticker, we started a Coronavirus campaign with the aim of sharing best practices. We directed the campaign not only to our users but also towards companies that likely still needed suggestions on how to deal with the crisis. We have opened our own platform to enable employers to share their experiences and companies used it to exchange ideas e.g. how to support their teams, deal with labour related legal changes, etc. Our marketing and PR team led the communication of the results and the findings. In addition to other marketing and PR initiatives, we used the available insights to publish a full range of data-driven articles on our kununu Blog.

We are still in the middle of the crisis and it is difficult to predict the challenges ahead. Especially in a crisis that is having such a drastic impact on our working life, we see ourselves as a platform that provides insights into the ever-changing world of work.

We are Helen & Chesran!
Helen joined kununu one year ago and is kununu’s Digital Campaign Manager. In her role she is planning, coordinating, and implementing Marketing & Brand Campaigns. 
Chesran joined kununu more than one year ago and is kununu’s Head of B2B. Her mission is to enable employers to use kununu’s workplace insights to attract and retain the right talent.

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