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Cannot recommend this company to other technical people

Nicht empfohlen
Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung im Bereich IT bei BurdaForward GmbH in München gearbeitet.

Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Not much unfortunately. There is a serious need to change things, else the company will start losing technical people pretty soon.

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Everything I wrote above. But one thing in particular is it does not seem this is a company where the international voice seems to be given an importance. I will prefer working at a place where I can feel I am heard as opposed to a place which is simply planning a lot.


There is a need to look at what you want to achieve. The way this company is right now, technical people will find it really difficult to join and find a home here. There is a need to listen to people.


People rarely do anything apart from sitting on their chairs and planning about what to do next.


I have never seen this level of bad communication in a professional environment. They communicate how they want, then they want to. Also if you are non German and planning to associate with this company, run. None of your ideas will be even considered if you present them in a language other than German, people will be allowed to take decisions if they know German, not because they are qualified in any ways. The simplest of requests like translating a German document with the minutes of meetings into English is not met.


No work here, sit outside the office, have lunch for 2 hours and have meaningless meetings all day. Also no time measure, so people just show up for like 20 minutes daily and then leave without any consequence.


My manager takes absolutely 0 interest in my work.

Interessante Aufgaben

No interesting tasks technically. I do not know of other departments. This is a media company trying to become technical with no one in the management who knows how to guide them through. There is no investment in anything innovative and the non technical people surrounding the technical team are simply not competent enough to do anything.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

If these people were working in a company with even 1% competitiveness, they would not have a job.


Nothing much to say about, most of the benefits present in any average software company.


No chance for a career development here, the managers have no idea about the project, they also take absolutely 0 responsibility for progression. The annual review meetings are not even properly in English yet, also they have no idea what an annual review meting should look like. Basically this is neither an international company, nor a technical company. On top of this, the people who are working here are absolutely not up to the mark.





Dear colleague,

thank you for your comment. We are very sorry that you cannot recommend our company and do not feel comfortable in your job. It is very important to us that every colleague can play an active part in shaping the future of our company. Together we are on our way to becoming a media and tech company and certainly have potential for improvement in some processes – as our journey is far from over and we want to constantly develop and improve ourselves. We are sure that your supervisor or the management will be happy to listen to your suggestions and discuss them with you.

We are very interested in what you mean exactly by the fact that some of your colleagues "do nothing". Can you be more concrete about that? Is there a lack of tasks, the necessary equipment or support from your supervisor? We would like to make improvements here - but we are in need of more concrete information.

We also recommend that you directly address your supervisor with your perception that he or she is not interested in your work and your concerns. The HR team will be happy to support you as mediator and consultant.

It's sad to know that you don't see any career and development opportunities at BurdaForward. We see each colleague as an important driver of our goals and vision. That is why the development of each individual is particularly important to us. As part of the annual feedback dialogue, you can talk to your supervisor about development opportunities and related measures. These can be seminars and workshops, but also a visit to a conference or an internship in another area of the company - depending on what is best for you. We are happy to support your education and therefore plan a separate budget for each department. Nevertheless, we also expect you to take the initiative in shaping your career.

With full confidence we have decided not to use a time measurement system at BurdaForward. As a young, modern and open company, we offer trust-based working time. This means that each colleague himself is responsible for fulfilling tasks within the agreed working time, taking sufficient breaks and leaving work on time. When and where work is done is largely up to the employee. Especially for colleagues with families, this is a great model for which we have already received very positive feedback.

We communicate very comprehensively and transparently through various channels. For example, our Townhall takes place every two weeks. This is an event across all our locations at which the management seeks dialogue with all employees, reports on the development of the company, and gives the opportunity for personal exchange. We are currently working on a English version of this event. If that's not the right format for you, our intranet BeForward and the anonymous feedback tool Kununu Engage are also available. Here you can share suggestions, worries and feedback. But we are most happy if you are looking for a direct conversation. As we are a German company, most meetings are held in German. At large events we employ simultaneous interpreters who translate in real time so that English-speaking colleagues can follow as well. We share information on our intranet in both German and English. In addition, several times a week we offer company-funded language courses to help you learn German and to better network and integrate within and outside the company. In contrast to your perception, it is very important to us to integrate international colleagues in the best possible way. Of course, we are also dependent on your help.

As we want to create an improvement for you quickly, we would like to go into a personal dialogue with you. Please simply contact the HR team. Of course we will treat your request confidentially.

Your HR-Team