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Next "Wirecard" in making in Germany.

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Ex-Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat im Bereich IT bei Altran Deutschland S.A.S. & Co. KG (ehem. AltranS) in München gearbeitet.

Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

They provide coffee and water. Even canteen for lunch is difficult for them to provide. Betribsrat\employment union is doing really their best - they are the best in this company.

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Almost everything except for normal consultants working for customers.


For the last 3 years this company management is somehow surviving with excuses like computer virus attack, coronavirus and so on. During the beginning of this year 2020 - they said if every employee takes holidays earlier then profits or numbers get better - they come up regularly with different excuses but in the reality is way far away from the facts. Only hope is that CAPGEMINI as mother company will step ahead and revamp all useless people.


Sadly very bad. I was hired in Altran Digital from Munich. I came all the way Asia to work in Germany. But I was totally misused day and nights in my probation time for the work student salary. I never got any salary hike or trainings. When my project was over Employer want to get rid of me because they do not have any projects or trainings due to corona. Even the company does not invest short time to upgrade your knowledge.


Communication is really strange word in this company. The customers are much better in communication than Altran internal responsible people in Digital. Only time you hear from them is to book for hours for working at the end of the month. You get regular newsletters from Management - mostly about internal news with pathetic English. Also - I am working last 5 years I was not once asked by my altran internal responsible person how the project is going on - is there anything that can be done in future? Only thing they are interested is short time money making.


This is the only positive thing working for Altran. Most of the consultants are in teams are very helping and nice - but from the team Lead onwards the atmosphere is very bad and unhealthy.


They "squeeze your blood out" in the probation time as Altran BU responsible persons will employ you extra from Abroad so that you are bound by the company for visa and to work in Germany. I have worked day and night during my probation without following the working rules in the country - backwardly they manipulate the timetac as required. Even today I know many colleges leave home Monday Morning around 2 AM they leave home and work till 7 PM same day. They do the same on Friday working from 8 till 16 and then reach home around late night on Friday. They do not have any working laws - I am still wondering how they are manipulating this kind of work culture in Germany. I hope and pray that one day "Arbeitsamt\unemployment office" will come audit these timings in internal time booking in Altran.


This is the worst behavior in this company. As long as they have a project - they use you after that for them, you are useless. Basically you are for them money making machine. They are also very unprofessional. For example during the "Kurzarbeit \short time" I was informed many times I was in short time with 0 hours, but they expect you check your emails and important information during this time as well. Even today they do not even have clear-cut rules - when they expect that you check your mails during short time then it is for me working time not short time. Another example is one of the months when I worked they asked me to change all my working time to short work - so that they can claim benefits from Unemployment office. For me definitely - this is the reason why I compare this company in my heading to WIRECARD.

Interessante Aufgaben

I worked in Altran Digital under unprofessional Leadership - mostly what they had was service based projects and no development projects. The worst part was that BU part of employer was so miser that I have to even fight for good travel possibilities to reach customers during the projects.


For me this is very difficult to answer as I do not see this company doing anything for the ladies.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

If you work longer in this company you will lose your value because of the following:
- Fixed salaries for ever
- No benefit for working on successful projects
- No trainings and further development
- You are valuable as long as you have project otherwise you are useless


They are still old school in this regard. Only tool they have is MS OFFICE. Everything else will cost them money. When it comes to working space - if you know higher management then you get a good place to work otherwise nobody cares about you.


This is way too much to ask this company - I will be happy if they improve basics for the employees in the first place.


One of the very badly paid companies in the market. When, I check my market value I am also 40% less paid. There are no process in the company for salary appreciation - it is like fish market every person does want ever they want. There are no clear-cut norms and policies when it comes to salary hike and hierarchies.


They do not care about that. Since Capgemini bought them now maybe they do even the worst things because no one knows how long this Altran name exists.


If you are unemployed you will get better trainings from Unemployment office than Altran. They have fixed salaries - so start with the same salary and leave with the same salaries. That is on an average 4 years time a consultant stay in this company.