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Bildung goew beyond the one on one with kids...rights to education do not end when we become adults...or do they?

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Auszubildende/rHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung eine Ausbildung zum/zur Auszubildende/r bei FRÖBEL e.V. in Berlin absolviert.

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They offer many Weiterbildung And Fortbildung. We do get above Tarif pay and regular and clear that increases, along with ability to earn more, the more Weiterbildung and Fortbildung we do. Christmas bonus and Sodexo card are also great perks!
The fact I could bring my kid with me without issue is a huge plus.

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No clear ondoarding. Especially for students, the Urlaub and sick day policy is bad, they know it's bad, but sit back and say there is nothing they can do. Bit Fröbel ist the only Kita Träger that gives minus hours for sick and vacation days taken outside work days.


Fröbel has a lot of money and resources and they tend to allocate those resources in superficial things rather than, in team building, onboarding, dedicated trainer for new hires and students, providing standardized native English curriculum when they offer this as a Schwerpunkt. They can easily provide coffee and machine, water and lunch for staff (rather than making the staff pay)
I have seen it all too often in companies in the US. They focus on how they look, while slowly taking away basic niceties that go a long way in supporting staff.


Kids and parents are great!!!! That is the majority. Just have to either ignore or protest and fight with our collgues to get what we need. Time to do special offers, trips even time to plan and reflect. My team leader actually believes no one reflects in their prep- closing times... especially a student.


Erziehers are always needed. That is a good thing.


A major plus to working in this field is the ability to work around my daughter's school schedule. When her Kita had sickness or was closed, she was able to come with me to work.


The pay itself is above Tarif! However, as berufsbegleitende, I work 3 days and school 2. Therefore I have a "5 day contract" where my 21 hours for 3 days work, is extended over 5. This is very bad, let's say when me daughter gets sick on a regular work day. If I am sick on any of those days, I will get minus hours for the school days, even if I attended! So, on order to protect myself, I must beg doctor to write me sick an entire week. Then I am looked at negatively for the amount of sick days. Not to mention I was not told of this rule until I was already working 2 years! Last year in fall, I had over 40 minus hours I had to work off for being sick and vacation (set up same way as sickness) all while still in school and raising a child alone. I did it...but got sick at Christmas as a result.

Die Ausbilder

It would be better if they took my education as seriously as they do that of the children.


I work with kids...they are only in it for the's the adults that drain the experience.


The work is interesting. I already had an idea about children, but now I feel I am able to connect theory with my own senses.


Interns and native English speakers are all pretty much seen as bottom of the totem pole. We are there to do the work the " real Erzieher" don't want to do.