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The most unprofessional experience of my life! A nightmare!

Bewerber/inHat sich 2020 bei Tesla Deutschland in Berlin beworben und sich schließlich selbst anders entschieden.


Don't waste time of people if you are not really actively searching for a certain position.
Yes or no, just send a response! (after 6 months, I got any reply from anyone even texting the recruiters many times).
People are not objects!


  • Why Tesla? That's it.
  • It was a monologue from my side since the interviewer had zero interest to ask me something. It seemed like he "had to do" the interview.
  • The interview was scheduled on Teams but since he forgot the appointment (for the second time!), we did it on the phone. During the "interview" he was walking and chatting with other people when I was speaking. He listened almost nothing what I said. At the end I got a "cool, cool you get in the next round". After that, 6 months later, I got any feedback from anyone.
  • Finger weg!
  • Zero questions from the interviewer

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