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What happens when you have to replace good by leadership

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The founders. But both made very much very good for a long time. For some reason their positiveness is gone....

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

That you shut eyes.


Check what people from your company are spreading via social media.
Care about how disrespectful the company allows to talk about existing and former colleagues. This would have never happened with the former core team and attitude.


Almost everybody is frustrated. What changed to 1 year ago is that people stopped giving feedback. And still or because of that HR is celebrating itself for a major shift in happiness because of good survey results, implemented feedback processes etc.. Nothing of that is true! I have never heard so much blablabla.


I hardly believe anybody.


Good. Since the structure and responsibilities are so damn unclear nobody recognizes when you are not working.


Sadly with bad leadership colleagues join who think that the current leadership style is good, because they don't know better and are thankful for lies and mismanagement. There were times when we could say we had a management that was open and engaged. But those people left or were put aside. Since our current HR management/ team is telling us uberall puts people first this clearly stopped. You cannot try to be authentic you can only be it. Without feeling what you say you will never be.

Interessante Aufgaben

I do not know who is doing interesting stuff.


Clearly not there anymore! Definitely not in terms of salaries, definitely not in terms of props given to people. This was way more equally spread before the company started to shout out that everybody is put first, because those days it came naturally from the former management team.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

I think is is fairly good.


The office is nice. HO is possible.


I don't understand what they are doing here. Although the team is celebrating for setting up great "new" processes I must say that this was more transparent, easy and equal when it was run by the former responsible team.