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Old-fashion, a lot of frustration, not innovative, but nice colleagues and remote office

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Adapt, the management style has really been in the way of getting good work done and this company is growing fast, you are not a 20 person startup anymore, time to grow up


Everyone annoyed, there is a lot of talk of changes and a lot of patting ourselves on the back, but it is all that - just talk. company handled corona really good and we are in remote office but this has highlighted the problems with the really poor leadership and lack of real vision


Current leadership is chaotic, things change daily, lots of meetings to hear people talk but no real output. You hear a lot of rumours because there is also a lot of politics.


At least in my team we are all in this together...!


Depends on what department. I hear some people have great managers and structure and can have good work life balance, others need to work a lot of overtime to get tasks done


So many politics it is hard to keep track. Decisions are made but then whispers happen with certain people and the decision is reversed & creates bad feelings. a lot of 'this is how we do it here so just do it' that turns off alot of good people and a big reason people leave!

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Product is old fashioned in all ways and not innovative. Really it needs to be better, at least make it look modern. And sometimes people are rewarded for being forward and trying new things and others are told to stop this, it is very confusing. Best i think is to keep head down and just do the work you are told to avoid problems.


This is a male company, just look at the leadership


This company is not competitive in the berlin market for pay or benefits


I see that you need to be 'in' with the right people to have good advancement or to have your ideas heard. you also have to do more than just your job and be very socially active in order to get top rated at review time which is unfair to those who have families and are unavailable after hours or to do extra work, or simply don't want to be socially active because of being introverted.

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