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Wir wurden gekauft. Was soll ich sagen.

Nicht empfohlen
Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung im Bereich PR / Kommunikation gearbeitet.

Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Vimcar gibt es nicht mehr. Es heißt nun Fleet group

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Dass sie sich haben aufkaufen lassen.


Ach. Wo fang ich an.


Leider ist keine offene Kommunikation möglich. Kritik wird als unwahr abgeschmettert.


Wie immer, wenn viele Menschen zusammenkommen, fällt was runter. Aber man ist sehr bemüht ohne Hintergedanken.


Es gibt die, die alles mitmachen. Der Rest macht nur noch Dienst nach Vorschrift.


9-18 Uhr. Mo - Fr. Work life is anders.


Nein. Besseres Verhandlungsgeschick bedeutet mehr Gehalt.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

Gibt kaum welche.


Sehr aktuelle hardware.


Gehalt könnte immer mehr sein. Leicht über dem Branchdurchschnitt. Bonus wird anhand von Tools ausgewertet, die fehlerhaft sind. Ist aber allen Führungskräften egal. „Muss man eben mit rechnen“


Die Stimmung kippt. Alle haben Angst ihren Job durch den Kauf und die „Fusion“ zu verlieren. Alle sind gereizt.


Entgegen der lauten Aussage, holt man lieber externe.


Interessante Aufgaben




Karoline Fröbel, Talent Acquisition Manager
Karoline FröbelTalent Acquisition Manager

Dear Employee,

thank you for sharing your experience working at Vimcar, and your thoughts about the changes we are experiencing as a result of our acquisition and the merger with Avrios. We appreciate your honest feedback, I will attempt to address your concerns here, but the people team is also open to hearing what you have to say in person if you choose to connect.

As with all M&As, and with all changes, things cannot remain as they were, companies evolve, grow and change. These periods of transition are often challenging and bring feelings of mourning, loss, and longing for “what it once was,” and they, of course, cause uncertainty and fear. This is normal and part of what happens when two different companies merge.

The leadership team is showing their commitment to ensuring a smooth transition, however, even the smoothest of mergers will have an impact, and wanting to hold on to “the way things were” will only cause you pain and prevent you from seeing and seizing the opportunities that this merger can bring. I invite you to open yourself up to new possibilities. Shifting your mindset can help you tremendously at the newly merged Vimcar/Avrios, and beyond.

We are sorry to hear that you feel that open communication is not possible, and criticism is dismissed as untrue. Our CEO just held a Q&A session where she opened herself up to criticism and addressed the negative feedback we had received head-on. However, I don’t want to minimize your experience here, and I promise you we take this feedback seriously and continue working to improve our communication channels to ensure that all employees feel heard and valued.

Regarding colleague cohesion, we appreciate that some employees go above and beyond while others stick to the book, this is the case in all companies and will continue to be the case because people are different and have different working styles and lifestyles. As a company, all we can do is encourage collaboration and set high standards for performance.

I understand that work-life balance is important and believe that our standard working hours are reasonable, in addition, we offer flexible schedules whenever the position allows it. However, we are always open to feedback and will continue to evaluate our policies to ensure that employees have a healthy work-life balance.

Regarding equality, we are committed to ensuring that all employees are treated fairly and with respect. We are creating a unified framework for leveling and career progression and will treat any reports of unfair or preferential treatment seriously.

Lastly, you write, “Contrary to the loud statement, they prefer to bring in external people” I can only assume you mean that the Avrios team filled in a lot of our open leadership roles, I assume this is the point since we have not hired or brought in any external leadership. We want to provide opportunities for growth within the organization so we value your feedback in this regard.

Thank you again for your feedback. I do take it to heart and will incorporate it to make sure we build a better company as we unite Avrios/Vimcar.


Bea Dominguez, VP People