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Total dependency ("Russian roulette")

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Ex-Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat im Bereich IT bei VTB Bank (Europe) SE gearbeitet.

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Decisions made are sometimes not comprehensible.
Employee retention and employee promotion is an unknown word. Good employees leave the bank and weaken the team so that the workloard is distributed to the rest. Finding new and good employees on the market turns out to be difficult.


Hiring, fire, salary, career and decisions are total dependence on London and Moscow decision-makers. Employees from London who come to Frankfurt to work are preferred. Decisions are sometimes not understandable. It is recommended to find compromises here, especially since they have happened too far from the table and cannot respond to the individual aspects of the individual employees.


Classic silo structure.
No cooperation between the teams and strong competitive behavior.
Shark pool mentality.
A lot of employees with different backgrounds. Sometimes the "complete" understanding of the requirements that are valid in Germany is missing. Labor laws and banking law requirements. Therefore, you have to pick up many employees first so that you get to the same level to start with working with them.


Open plan office. Loud and annoying at times.
No corporate communication is given.
Department heads, management and other committees share no information about what is happening in the bank or where the journey will go.


Every man for himself. A lot of consulters that you have to hold by the hand.


Normal working hours are regulated and signed in the employment contract. In practice, you work significantly more. Part-time work is not welcomed and is executed.


Are concerned with themselves. No time for fairy tales and listening to problems of employees.

Interessante Aufgaben

There are a lot of interesting tasks. However, there are so many interesting tasks that you no longer know which interesting task to start first.


Whoever has connections to London or Moscow won the lottery. Even trumps local HR.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

Every change in the company has led to older colleagues "leaving". A large number of young, motivated colleagues work. The next company change is just around the corner.


Offices are always clean. Technical equipment is very good. Almost all employees are located in open-plan offices.
Air conditioning and ventilation fail partially! Takes days or weekends until it is repaired by an external service provider. It even happened that on one winter some employees brought their own electricity-powered radiators.
In summer there is a barbecue event for employees.
Christmas parties take place in rented locations.


Total dependence on London and Moscow. Here it is determined whether and who may be promoted at all. Anyone who has come from these organizations are making career. The rest (locals) have to watch how they get on. Hence the high employee turnover (this is sold as a "company change" to all). In short: the starting salary remains and the areas of responsibility and workload increase. Social benefits are common in the market.
Freelance consultants highly rewarded for the advisory activities than employees who have been with the bank for many years and who instruct and support these advisors so that they can get to know the bank and the structures before they can start their advisory activities. The management and quality of the consultants are monitored far too little - resources are lacking for this.


VTB is a sanctioned bank...... that makes the Image not very well.