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  • 16.01.2015


Firma Vet Med Labor GmbH
Stadt Ludwigsburg
Beworben für Position Business Analyst
Jahr der Bewerbung 2015
Ergebnis selbst anders entschieden


  • Contact person was not listening attentively and was interrupting all the time. The conversation was done in a very pushy way. Every time I was trying to reply on the questions or to explain my previous experience, I ended up with interruption. That made me even more nervous. I was not prepared for a such way of interviewing at all and was to be honest shocked. My shocked situation resulted in a collapse of all my background knowlegde. I started even stuttering I think. From the beginning of the talk I knew already that I would not like to be in the team with a such person. The cases and business scenarios were interesting and I have learned something new (the only positive thing in the complete conversation!) But it would be nice if the contact person was not just talking as a test machine and so arrogant during all the call. After the mutual agreement, we decided not to continue the interview. This position is vacant since June 2014, i think i understand why know.


I got this interview via HR consulting company. Even though I shared info, that this job does not fit exactly my expectations and previous experience, it was arranged a phone interview.

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