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    • 2,8Gehalt/Sozialleistungen
    • 2,4Image
    • 2,4Karriere/Weiterbildung
    • 2,7Arbeitsatmosphäre
    • 2,5Kommunikation
    • 3,5Kollegenzusammenhalt
    • 2,7Work-Life-Balance
    • 2,7Vorgesetztenverhalten
    • 3,1Interessante Aufgaben
    • 3,1Arbeitsbedingungen
    • 2,6Umwelt-/Sozialbewusstsein
    • 3,1Gleichberechtigung
    • 3,1Umgang mit älteren Kollegen


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HR-Manager:in2 Gehaltsangaben
Ø50.200 €
IT-Projektmanager:in2 Gehaltsangaben
Ø62.700 €
Produktmanager:in2 Gehaltsangaben
Ø68.700 €
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Mondia Group
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Mitarbeiter nehmen bei diesem Arbeitgeber vor allem diese Faktoren wahr: Sich überlasten und Kollegen helfen.

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Digital. Anywhere.

Wer wir sind

About Mondia Group (mondia.com)

Mondia Group is a leading mobile commerce company dedicated to connecting, digitalising and monetising mobile consumers. The Mondia Group provides access to over 1.5bn consumers through more than 84 mobile operators across 60 countries. With offices in 19 locations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Mondia is committed to enabling digitalisation across the globe through its distinctive technology, strategic partnerships, extensive network and global coverage.

As a world-wide industry leader, the Mondia Group has deep insight into where the markets are headed and has the expertise to leverage market-leading technologies to solve business challenges while delivering the ultimate end-user experience.

Mondia Group comprises three wholly owned subsidiaries: Mondia Digital, Mondia Pay and Mondia Innovation, which operates independently, and each with its unique value proposition and purpose.

For more information, please visit http://www.mondia.com/

About Mondia Digital

Mondia Digital is a consolidation of Mondia Group's digital content distribution business, an end-to-end, product-centric and data-driven company with a focus on opportunities in the B2B segment. Mondia Digital empowers global business brands to digitally engage with their customers through premium entertainment solutions offering enhanced speed-to-market, scalability and continuous innovation.

In addition to creating personalised digital experiences for end-users through its content-agnostic platforms, Mondia Digital manages the full customer lifecycle journey to guarantee the maximum level of user-engagement and customer satisfaction. Its extensive premium content library aggregates and curates over 80 million content items covering games, music, video, sports, kids and health verticals, amongst others.

About Mondia Pay (mondiapay.com)

Mondia Pay is Mondia Group's digital payment company and processes well over 2.1billion global transactions monthly. Mondia Pay offers unparalleled reach to the worlds most recognised brands and merchants, ensuring secure, simplified and seamless global Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) and digital payment solutions. Mondia Pay connects premium merchants such as Huawei, LaLiga, Deezer, PubG, OSN and hundreds of smaller merchants to existing and new audiences across the many markets they operate in. Mondia Pay's state-of-the-art, own-built next-generation platform allows for a single API integration at speed, facilitating subscriber acquisition and end-to-end customer lifecycle management.

About Mondia Innovation

Mondia Innovation is Mondia Group's dedicated innovation company, with a mission to define the future of digital. Inspired by innovation, the company is dedicated to developing disruptive, ground-breaking products and solutions in sectors like health and entertainment. Monsooq, a first-of-its-kind time-based entertainment platform, is one of the newly launched services delivering an experience never seen before. Monsooq offers a unique frontier in content monetisation for content providers. Mondia Innovation is changing how mobile users consume content, offering value and choice in a pay-as-you-consume model. Additionally, Mondia Innovation proactively searches for new partnerships to find the next new concept to revolutionise the digital experience landscape.

Mondia in numbers:

  • 20 years of global and local experience
  • Over 85 million pieces of content to offer
  • We work with 84 mobile operators
  • We service 60 countries globally and counting
  • Access to over 1000 content partners and merchants
  • Mondia Pay processes over 70 million transactions per day

Produkte, Services, Leistungen

Mondia is a leading mobile commerce company, dedicated to connecting, digitalising, and monetising mobile consumers. Mondia provides access to over 1.5bn consumers through more than 84 mobile operators across 60 countries. As a global leader, Mondia has deep insight into where the markets are headed and has the expertise to leverage best-in-breed technologies to solve business challenges while enabling the ultimate end-user experience.

  1. Video on Demand
  2. Unlimited Games
  3. Mobile Health
  4. Music Streaming
  5. Other Products like Dating, Kids & Youth content and social platforms

We are using different kind of services:

  • Portal + lifecycle management
  • Customer experience
  • Mobile advertising
  • API integration

Perspektiven für die Zukunft

Our main focus here at Mondia is to create and to deliver digital experiences for everyone, everywhere. In this case, digital experience refers to a digital event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone (typically positive). We have the mission to digitalize Africa. Our potential reach in Africa is 20 % of the world's population at 1.2 billion today.


Mitarbeiter299 all around the globe

Social Media

Was wir bieten


Die folgenden Benefits wurden am häufigsten in den Bewertungen von 65 Mitarbeitern bestätigt.

  • InternetnutzungInternetnutzung
  • Gute VerkehrsanbindungGute Verkehrsanbindung
  • Flexible ArbeitszeitenFlexible Arbeitszeiten
  • Mitarbeiter-EventsMitarbeiter-Events
  • RabatteRabatte
  • Betriebliche AltersvorsorgeBetriebliche Altersvorsorge
  • DiensthandyDiensthandy
  • BarrierefreiBarrierefrei
  • Hund erlaubtHund erlaubt
  • KantineKantine
  • HomeofficeHomeoffice
  • ParkplatzParkplatz
  • Gesundheits-MaßnahmenGesundheits-Maßnahmen
  • EssenszulageEssenszulage
  • CoachingCoaching
  • Mitarbeiter-BeteiligungMitarbeiter-Beteiligung
  • KinderbetreuungKinderbetreuung
  • BetriebsarztBetriebsarzt
  • FirmenwagenFirmenwagen

Was Mondia Group über Benefits sagt

  • Mobile Work-Day: We all know it - the electrician needs to visit the home, or we simply want to work in a different location a day. With Mondia you have the opportunity to take a Mobile Work Day per week. And as we have to take outside influences into consideration we offer every employee 5 Emergency-Mobile Work Days per year for unexpected circumstances.
  • 30 days of Annual Leave per year (5-day working week): We know how important it is to take a rest, spend some time with family/friends and to have a break from work. So we offer our employees 30 days off per year.
  • International work environment:We are working together with all of our colleagues from around the world. Even in our German offices you can find many people with different backgrounds, by now we have employees from 17 countries. And we love it!!
  • Language courses (German & English): It is important for us to support our employees. We encourage everyone to develop their skillset and to grow by tighten their language skills.
  • JobRad Leasing: We care! We care about your health and we care about our environment. That's why we give our Mondians the opportunity to lease a bicycle of their choice for coming to work or to use it in their free time.
  • Referral program: Our Mondians are the best brand ambassadors and they know which people would be a good fit. We honour every successful employee recommendation with a financial bonus of 1.000 €.
  • Contribution to the local transportation system: We pay our employees a financial support when it comes to the local transportation system.
  • Pension Scheme: If you like, we subsidise and arrange a pension provision for you.
  • Flexible working hours: You are an early bird? Cool! Or you are more focused in the evening hours? Great! It's up to you. We just have core working hours from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.
  • Team events: We love our work but we also love a good party!
  • Fruits and drinks: Fruit delivery every day and a big variety of coffee or tea specialties.
  • Friday Chill-Out every other week with beer, snacks, table tennis and tabletop soccer
  • December 24 & December 31: Our office is closed on these two days and you only need to schedule 1 day of annual leave. Enjoy the time with your loved ones.
  • Employee discounts: We give our employees access to a platform where they can get a variety of discounts from different operators.

Was macht es besonders, für uns zu arbeiten?

We want to achieve great things - and we are working hard for that. But we always keep in mind that working is much easier if you're having fun. So we celebrate ourselves, cheer each other up and everyone is pushing his/her colleagues to do better every single day. We live our values and encourage our Mondians to act like an owner as well as to be a rockstar! We strongly believe that nothing is impossible and that we are the strongest if we collaborate and succeed together as a team. Building a culture of trust, ethical-decision making and openness is one of the most important things for us! Let's achieve big things together and not only maintain standards but setting them.

Wen wir suchen


As a media and IT company, our areas of responsibility are also primarily focused to this. However, our team is made up of diverse talents. The following areas are represented in our German offices:

  • IT Service Management
  • IT Operations
  • Software Development
  • Commercial / Product Management
  • (Storefront) Marketing
  • Finance
  • HR

You can find our job opening on our career page

Gesuchte Qualifikationen

At Mondia, we are focused on growth and are looking for employees who bring the necessary drive to achieve our goals together with us. The qualifications of our employees are as diverse as their personalities. In terms of the qualifications we are looking for, it depends on the level of the open position. Whether you are a working student, junior, medior, senior or director, we require different knowledge and skills. You can find detailed information in the job descriptions. However, we would like to see from all our applicants and employees that they have the needed motivation to work together with us to develop the digital future. You have to be driven to explore and expand the world of mobile technology.

Für Bewerber

Hilfreiche Informationen zum Bewerbungsprozess bei Mondia Group.

  • Human Resources Management Team for Germany:


  • We would like to encourage you to just be yourself, from the beginning of the application process all the way to a successful start in our Mondia family.

    We are not expecting specific things from you. We are aware that every of our applicants is unique and so is every recruiting process. Since we are taking every interview and application serious, we only ask you to do the same. So make sure to be prepared, ask questions and to organise your interview day so you don't have to rush before or after the interview. We are excited to get to know you!

  • You ask yourself how to prepare for an interview with us? That's great. Even this shows that you are interested in working with us and that you are on a good way. Here are some tips:

    • Be yourself! Come as you are, wear what you love. We have no dress-code!
    • Why Mondia? Think about why you would like to join Mondia and show us what you know about us.
    • Time to shine! Have a clear picture of the role and responsibilities.
    • We are here for you! Ask questions and get clarifications, treat the interview as a brief conversation and use your time.
    • Make your mark! Use real examples of you experience.
  • To make sure we receive your application with all needed documents, please make sure to use our portal which is linked in every vacancy. You can find our open positions here: Career site. We would be most happy to receive your detailed application (cover letter, CV), including your salary expectations and desired starting date.

  • Through our recruiting process you will have the ultimate opportunity to present your skills, expertise and personality. In the following we will describe the general steps:

    1. Pre-Screening Interview: You can see this phase as a first chat with someone within our People team and sometimes direct with the Hiring Manager. It's a great opportunity for both sides to get to know each other. You can present your experience as well as your motivation both for the role and for Mondia. We will discuss your availability and clarify the next steps. We also will be more than happy to answer any questions from your side.
    2. Interview: Here you will have the opportunity to meet with the Hiring Manger (+ Team) and you will find out more about the position. Here it's about exploring your experience in a long, more detailed and technical conversation. This is also for you the chance to clarify any doubts you may have.
    3. (Assessment): Depending on the position, we might ask you to complete a challenge where you can show us your role-specific skills. You can demonstrate you ability to perform in real-life situations, show your potential to grow within Mondia and see what working with us looks like.
    4. Final Interview: At our final stage you will meet with other stakeholders relevant to your position. For our Hamburg or Dusseldorf this would be our CSO and CTO. You can get more information about our culture and benefits and ask all remaining questions.
    5. Future Mondian! Welcome to the team. We know our recruiting process can be a bit intense, as we always search for the best talents. But we also want to give every future Mondian the chance to really get to know us as well.


Mondia is a very diverse company. By saying this we are not only talking about the people who are working with us but also about the many different locations we have offices at. In Germany we have offices in two beautiful cities - Hamburg & Dusseldorf. The Hamburg office can be described as a modern and innovative open work space while our office in Düsseldorf convinces with its loft atmosphere and charm.

Here you can see all of our different locations, check them out: Digital Experiences | Mobile Solutions for Telcos & Merchants (mondia.com)

Was Mitarbeiter sagen

Was Mitarbeiter gut finden

Die Räumlichkeiten waren immer mindestens gut. Allerdings war ich nie ein Fan von Großraumbüros.
Bewertung lesen
Lage des Büros (sehr zentral) & Kollegen
Bewertung lesen
Die Flexibilität der Arbeitszeiten. Man kann hier gut selbst organisieren.
Not much. The office is nice.
Bewertung lesen
Sowohl die Produkte als auch die Teams haben großes Potenzial, um daraus etwas zu machen. Die Kollegen sind alle super und es gibt einen tollen Zusammenhalt untereinander.
Bewertung lesen
Was Mitarbeiter noch gut finden?

Was Mitarbeiter schlecht finden

Everyone is overworking and there are no benefits or even events for people to reward them! They have the lowest salaries for many employees even though they expect people to work on weekends even and until night time daily!
Bewertung lesen
Häufig mangelnder Respekt, mangelnde Ehrlichkeit, mangelndes Verantwortungsbewusstsein und Überheblichkeit des Managements, häufig wechselnde und "kastrierte" HR Manager und Vorgesetzte, zu viele Gerüchte, zu wenig Klarheit - und das Schlimmste: mangelhaftes Leadership.
Bewertung lesen
Leider fühlt es sich so an, als würde bewusst nichts mehr dafür getan, Mitarbeiter in Deutschland zu halten, sondern eher alle Positionen im Ausland nachzubesetzen. Die Wertschätzung gegenüber langjährigen Mitarbeitern und Kollegen, die viel fürs Unternehmen getan haben, fehlt total.
Bewertung lesen
Es könnte das Homeoffice Politik verbessert werden und nach Corona wieder angepasst.
Der Platz ist nicht ausreichend um aufzuschreiben, was ich nicht gut finde.
Bewertung lesen
Was Mitarbeiter noch schlecht finden?


Im Management zu sein bedeutet nicht, wie manche vielleicht glauben, "an der Macht" zu sein, sich selbst zu feiern oder sich ganz besonders wichtig zu nehmen. Es bedeutet Verantwortung zu haben und diese konstruktiv in das Unternehmen und in dessen Mitarbeiter aufgehen zu lassen. Ein Unternehmen ist nichts ohne seine Mitarbeiter, nichts ohne deren Glaube an die Unternehmensführung und Sinnhaftigkeit - und nichts ohne deren Herz.
Wenn ihr wirklich Probleme lösen wollt, hört weniger auf euer Ego und mehr auf ...
Bewertung lesen
“The right place values you the right way,” If you are not valued, do not be angry, it means you are in the wrong place. Those who know your value are those who appreciate you......Never stay in a place where no one sees your value!
A lot but you can’t act as long nobody is listening or able to change things. Indeed - the German management can’t change anything as long only one person decides.
Bewertung lesen
Das Gehalt sollte an die Realität angepasst werden
Mehr Wertschätzung von Mitarbeitern und deren Arbeit, Ermöglichung von Homeoffice (nicht nur in Pandemie-Zeiten), Bessere Kommunikation, Weiterbildungsbudget für jeden Mitarbeiter
Bewertung lesen
Was Mitarbeiter noch vorschlagen?

Bester und schlechtester Faktor

Am besten bewertet: Kollegenzusammenhalt


Der am besten bewertete Faktor von Mondia Group ist Kollegenzusammenhalt mit 3,5 Punkten (basierend auf 34 Bewertungen).

Ohne den kollegialen Zusammenhalt der Mitarbeiter würde hier gar nichts vorrangehen. Teilweise muss man am Management vorbei arbeiten um seine Aufgaben zufriedenstellend lösen zu können.
Bewertung lesen
Viele sehr nette und hilfsbereite Kollegen; ich habe viel Spaß bei der Arbeit mit ihnen. :D
Bewertung lesen
Um mich herum ist das beste Team, das ich mir wünschen kann
Auch wenn es mittlerweile nur noch wenige sind, aber es gab und gibt tolle Kollegen, bei denen es Spass bringt, jeden Tag zur Arbeit zu kommen.
Bewertung lesen
Kollege sind toll
Was Mitarbeiter noch über Kollegenzusammenhalt sagen?

Am schlechtesten bewertet: Karriere/Weiterbildung


Der am schlechtesten bewertete Faktor von Mondia Group ist Karriere/Weiterbildung mit 2,4 Punkten (basierend auf 30 Bewertungen).

"Weiterbildung" ist im Vergleich zu anderen Unternehmen eher nicht im Fokus. Karrieren entstehen hier anders als man vielleicht annimmt. Macht euch keine Hoffnungen.
Bewertung lesen
Es gibt die Möglichkeit, sich innerhalb des Unternehmens weiter zu entwickeln jedoch bedeutet dies meist nur Mehrarbeit statt Abgabe von Aufgaben. Um eine Weiterbildung machen zu können, muss man sich oft mehrere Monate darum bemühen statt es aktiv vom Arbeitgeber angeboten zu bekommen.
Bewertung lesen
Obwohl mir im Bewerbungsprozess regelmäßige Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten zugesagt worden sind, sind alle Bemühungen eine entsprechende Zusage für verschiedene Vorschläge zu erhalten, gescheitert.
Bewertung lesen
Gibt es nicht
Es gibt keine Weiterbildungsmaßnahmen. Selbst Teilnahme an relativ kostengünstigen Veranstaltungen/Seminaren kaum möglich.
Bewertung lesen
Was Mitarbeiter noch über Karriere/Weiterbildung sagen?

Fragen zu Bewertungen und Gehältern

  • Mondia Group wird als Arbeitgeber von Mitarbeitenden mit durchschnittlich 2,9 von 5 Punkten bewertet. In der Branche Medien schneidet Mondia Group schlechter ab als der Durchschnitt (3,5 Punkte). Basierend auf den Bewertungen der letzten 2 Jahre würden 25% der Mitarbeitenden Mondia Group als Arbeitgeber weiterempfehlen.
  • Anhand von insgesamt 67 Bewertungen schätzen 32% ihr Gehalt und die Sozialleistungen als gut oder sehr gut ein.
  • Basierend auf Daten aus 8 Kultur-Bewertungen betrachten die Mitarbeitenden die Unternehmenskultur bei Mondia Group als eher modern.