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    • 4,3Gehalt/Sozialleistungen
    • 4,4Image
    • 4,0Karriere/Weiterbildung
    • 4,5Arbeitsatmosphäre
    • 4,2Kommunikation
    • 4,5Kollegenzusammenhalt
    • 4,4Work-Life-Balance
    • 4,4Vorgesetztenverhalten
    • 4,5Interessante Aufgaben
    • 4,6Arbeitsbedingungen
    • 4,4Umwelt-/Sozialbewusstsein
    • 4,7Gleichberechtigung
    • 4,5Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

Seit 2018 haben 113 Mitarbeiter und Bewerber diesen Arbeitgeber mit durchschnittlich 4,3 Punkten bewertet. Dieser Wert ist höher als der Durchschnitt der Branche Medien (3,4 Punkte).

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Wer wir sind

Joyn is a digital company with the big ambition to combine all your favorite movies, shows, live television channels, and exciting video content into one place and deliver the most comprehensive user-friendly video entertainment service. We believe everyone should have access to their favorite and personalized content only a click or two away, wherever they are. Whether sitting at home or on the go.

Produkte, Services, Leistungen

A single app – the full program. Top TV series, strong shows and all your favorite TV channels in a single app. Joyn delivers over 50 channels of live TV program plus video-on-demand content to web browsers and via our app to your smartphone, tablet or TV set. Besides iOS and Android, the Joyn app is also available for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Samsung Smart TVs.

“jerks.”, “The Voice of Germany”, “Frau Jordan stellt gleich”, “Steel Buddies”, “Joko & Klaas”, “Die Martina Hill Show”, “Atlanta Medical”, “FBI”, “Young Sheldon” – with Joyn you can watch your TV shows whenever you want and wherever you want.

And we have big ambitions for the future. To provide a personalized experience, user registration was recently implemented, now we are adding a paid service and many things more.

Perspektiven für die Zukunft

If you share our passion, care deeply about user experience, value teamwork and ownership, and thrive in a dynamic fast-paced environment, we'd love to talk to you.

You will be improving our new platform alongside a fast growing team of incredible people, backed by some of the biggest names in digital entertainment: ProSiebenSat.1 and Discovery Networks International.

Are you ready? We're fast, we’re well­-funded and growing quickly. Joyn has just started, it's the best time to join us and shape our vision.

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Was wir bieten


Die folgenden Benefits wurden am häufigsten in den Bewertungen von 71 Mitarbeitern bestätigt.

  • Flexible ArbeitszeitenFlexible Arbeitszeiten
  • HomeofficeHomeoffice
  • DiensthandyDiensthandy
  • Gute VerkehrsanbindungGute Verkehrsanbindung
  • Mitarbeiter-EventsMitarbeiter-Events
  • InternetnutzungInternetnutzung
  • Mitarbeiter-RabattMitarbeiter-Rabatt
  • KantineKantine
  • Hund erlaubtHund erlaubt
  • Gesundheits-MaßnahmenGesundheits-Maßnahmen
  • Betriebliche AltersvorsorgeBetriebliche Altersvorsorge
  • CoachingCoaching
  • EssenszulageEssenszulage
  • BarrierefreiBarrierefrei
  • ParkplatzParkplatz
  • Mitarbeiter-BeteiligungMitarbeiter-Beteiligung
  • KinderbetreuungKinderbetreuung
  • FirmenwagenFirmenwagen

Was Joyn GmbH über Benefits sagt

Our employees are the most important resource for the success of our company. In order to provide them with a good basis for work and private life in the medium and long term, we are offering numerous benefits and services for employees. Here are some key benefits:

- Flexible work times

- Home Office opportunities

- Opportunity to chose Macbook or Windows systems

- Company cell phone (iOS or Android system, you chose!)

- Fresh fruit every week for free

- Awesome Coffee, snacks and beverages for free

- more to come!

Was macht es besonders, für uns zu arbeiten?

Why you’ll love working at 7TV

  • Fast-developing startup with an already strong and healthy user base
  • Great opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • Ability to put your stamp on an innovative product
  • Passionate, diverse, and supportive team members
  • Open, transparent, and bureaucracy-free company culture
  • Super cool offices designed especially for us
  • Located in the heart of Munich
  • Competitive compensation package

Wen wir suchen


Click here for our job offers and contact details of our HR department.

Für Bewerber

Hilfreiche Informationen zum Bewerbungsprozess bei Joyn GmbH.

  • Daniela Forster
    Lead HR Manager


  • If you have found an interesting job offer that matches to your profile and your ideas, we kindly ask that you send us your complete application, which should contain at least the following documents as an attachment or in copy (pdf or doc, please no html documents, no image files):

    • Letter of application
    • Tabular CV

    If you have already completed an apprenticeship / study / internship and / or if you have work experience, please add the following documents as an attachment or in copy:

    • Certificate of education and / or graduation certificate
    • job references
    • if necessary, work samples
  • As soon as you have found a job offer that interests you, please compare the requirements with your qualifications. Obviously, both should coincide. Please make sure that your application documents are complete. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

  • As a digital company we prefer online application because it offers the following advantages:

    • Faster application processing
    • Automatic confirmation of receipt
    • Possibility to attach application letter, CV, certificates, etc.
    • No tree has to die

    Click here for ourjob offersand contact details of our HR department.


Was Mitarbeiter sagen

Was Mitarbeiter gut finden

- Viele Ansätze, um Transparenz seitens der Geschäftsführung ständig zu verbessern
- Diversity
- Vielfalt der Aufgabenbereiche
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Interesting field of work and new technologies. Flat hierarchy.
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Interesting work, many great colleagues. Nice benefits.
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Flache Hierachien, alle sind per du, Transparenz, Offenheit, Ownership eines jeden einzelnen Mitarbeiters wird gefordert und gefördert, Mitarbeiter-Benefits, internationale Atmosphäre mit englischer Amtssprache
Den Umgang unter den Arbeitskollegen. Sehr familiär und angenehm. Außerdem wird hier sehr viel Wert an Gleichberechtigung gelegt.
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Was Mitarbeiter schlecht finden

Company Culture
(Senior) Leadership --> lack of power as all major decision are taken at Pro7 Sat1
Missing direction & vision
Promotions are decided by sympathy and not by performance
Very frequent changes in the management
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- No career options
- Much "behind closed doors" policy
- Sugarcoating
- Barriers between teams and departments
- Missing accountability
- Missing trust, top down micromanagement
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Mobbing is happening and nothing is done against it.
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fast nichts
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Habe nichts Schlechtes zu sagen.
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- Autonomy and trust to teams and leads
- Lead by intent not command
- Honest and open communication
- Invest in product quality
- Don't try to be Google/Spotify/Netflix - their cool sounding processes not necessarily work on our side
- Try to keep the really good people, the first ones already left
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Onboarding process in the actual teams can be improved, probably needs some global guidelines to help the teams.
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We need real leadership again. Visions that we can live.
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Mitarbeiter wertschätzen
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- Bessere Kommunikation zwischen den verschiedenen Abteilungen
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Bester und schlechtester Faktor

Am besten bewertet: Gleichberechtigung


Der am besten bewertete Faktor von Joyn ist Gleichberechtigung mit 4,7 Punkten (basierend auf 5 Bewertungen).

Hoher Anteil an Frauen in Führungspositionen & Menschen unterschiedlicher Herkunft. Mails, Unterlagen, etc. die an alle Mitarbeiter gehen, sind in englischer Sprache verfasst.
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Equal opportunities, however there is no mercy or understanding for people who work in home office and have to take care of children.
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Das ist bei Joyn echt toll!
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Es ist schon ein wenig besser geworden, aber es gibt noch zu wenige Frauen in Führungspositionen.
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Am schlechtesten bewertet: Karriere/Weiterbildung


Der am schlechtesten bewertete Faktor von Joyn ist Karriere/Weiterbildung mit 4,0 Punkten (basierend auf 8 Bewertungen).

Climbing up the career ladder is basically impossible through a new framework with unreachable scores. Introvert developers for instance will never reach senior status because they miss abilities Like "Evangelism" or "Purpose & Direction" which are equally weighted as technical knowledge.
Some people are able to magically pass the barriers though.
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Companyweite Frameworks werden ausgerollt in dem alle Mitarbeiter in Schubladen gesteckt werden ohne Sinn und Verstand. Definitiv keine wertschätzende Umgebung. Mitarbeiter werden je nach Abteilung klein gehalten.
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Almost no investment in personal development.
In terms of career development, it really depends on who you are connected with.
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Leider nicht mehr so gut, wie es mal war.
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Being promoted is impossible in many teams.
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93%bewerten ihr Gehalt als gut oder sehr gut (basierend auf 68 Bewertungen)

Wieviel kann ich verdienen?

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Software-Entwickler7 Gehaltsangaben
Ø76.000 €
Content Manager2 Gehaltsangaben
Ø45.700 €
Controller2 Gehaltsangaben
Ø57.200 €
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Mitarbeiter nehmen bei diesem Arbeitgeber vor allem diese Faktoren wahr: Offen und transparent informieren und Mitarbeitern vertrauen.

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