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    • 4,6Gehalt/Sozialleistungen
    • 4,9Image
    • 4,4Karriere/Weiterbildung
    • 4,8Arbeitsatmosphäre
    • 4,5Kommunikation
    • 4,8Kollegenzusammenhalt
    • 4,6Work-Life-Balance
    • 4,6Vorgesetztenverhalten
    • 4,7Interessante Aufgaben
    • 4,7Arbeitsbedingungen
    • 4,6Umwelt-/Sozialbewusstsein
    • 4,8Gleichberechtigung
    • 4,8Umgang mit älteren Kollegen


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Software-Entwickler:in173 Gehaltsangaben
Ø55.400 €
Teamleiter:in28 Gehaltsangaben
Ø68.000 €
Produktmanager:in23 Gehaltsangaben
Ø73.100 €
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Dynatrace Austria
Branchendurchschnitt: IT

Mitarbeiter nehmen bei diesem Arbeitgeber vor allem diese Faktoren wahr: Kollegen helfen und Visionär sein.

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Dynatrace Austria
Branchendurchschnitt: IT
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Wer wir sind

Dynatrace is a software product company that was founded in Linz (AT) in 2005 and spans over 50 offices worldwide today. Believing that the world needs software to work perfectly, we reinvented our product from scratch in 2016 and surprised the market with our Software Intelligence Platform for the enterprise cloud.

This platform, which combines Application performance management, Cloud infrastructure monitoring, IT Operations powered by AI and Digital customer experience management, helps customers like Google, SAP, Amazon, Microsoft, H&M, Audi/VW, BMW, Samsung,... to deliver perfect software.

Who we are

We are a diverse, agile working and international team of experts. We all share a curiosity which drives us to go beyond the obvious solution and anticipate the future. If we face setbacks, we start exploring the root cause and find a new approach. But we not only work with each other, we respect each other, laugh with each other, and celebrate our successes with each other.

Our work is meaningful and so should be yours.

Produkte, Services, Leistungen

We at Dynatrace work exclusively on our own software products, which we constantly develop further in regular release cycles, sometimes even every two weeks. The technologies used are Java, .NET, C#, C++, JavaScript, Angular, HTML5, CSS, PHP, Cloud/BigData and many more.

Our products are systems for performance analysis, fault diagnosis and user experience measurement. With the collected data, our customers are able to optimize their application in exactly these areas, save costs and increase business success.

Dynatrace Digital Monitoring seamlessly captures web-based application environments down to individual transactions, including front-end, application performance, infrastructure, container and cloud.

  • Each detail can be displayed on demand.
  • Optimize the performance of distributed applications down to code level.
  • Proactively eliminate problems before they affect customers.
  • High performance applications for customers.

Convince yourself and download our free trial: https://www.dynatrace.com/trial/

Perspektiven für die Zukunft

You can expect exciting and international development opportunities in the following areas:

  • Research and development (R&D)
  • Customer support
  • Product management
  • Graphics, Web development & Design
  • Technical Sales & Marketing


Mitarbeiter~ 800 in Austria | over 3,000 globally

Social Media

Was wir bieten


Die folgenden Benefits wurden am häufigsten in den Bewertungen von 341 Mitarbeitern bestätigt.

  • Flexible ArbeitszeitenFlexible Arbeitszeiten
  • Mitarbeiter-EventsMitarbeiter-Events
  • HomeofficeHomeoffice
  • InternetnutzungInternetnutzung
  • Gesundheits-MaßnahmenGesundheits-Maßnahmen
  • Gute VerkehrsanbindungGute Verkehrsanbindung
  • ParkplatzParkplatz
  • EssenszulageEssenszulage
  • CoachingCoaching
  • Mitarbeiter-BeteiligungMitarbeiter-Beteiligung
  • KantineKantine
  • Mitarbeiter-RabattMitarbeiter-Rabatt
  • BarrierefreiBarrierefrei
  • DiensthandyDiensthandy
  • Hund erlaubtHund erlaubt
  • Betriebliche AltersvorsorgeBetriebliche Altersvorsorge
  • BetriebsarztBetriebsarzt
  • FirmenwagenFirmenwagen
  • KinderbetreuungKinderbetreuung

Was Dynatrace Austria über Benefits sagt

The health and wellbeing of our team is very close to our hearts, which is why we offer a wide range of benefits - from free snacks and drinks to sports programs, team events and training opportunities.

  • Teamspirit
  • World leading technologies
  • International & diverse
  • Flexible working hours
  • Regular team events
  • Education & training
  • Ergonomic workplaces
  • Discount for public transportation
  • Sports activities
  • Free fruits & cereals
  • & much more

Was macht es besonders, für uns zu arbeiten?

Teamwork. Innovation. International. Ambition.


We work together, laugh together and celebrate success together. At Dynatrace we believe in solution-oriented working ethics rather than blaming and finger-pointing. We strive for collaboration to deliver the best outcome.


We are a young, agile working company that permanently challenges the status quo. Change is the only constant and we aren't afraid to lead the change to find new horizons and disrupt the competition.


We are an international company with locations all around the globe. We value our cultural diversity and offer a buddy system that helps internationals feel at home as soon as possible.


At Dynatrace we walk the talk and create solutions that simply work. We don't think outside the box, we think like there is no box. Inspiring each other rather than competing against each other is the approach motivating us every day.

Wen wir suchen


We are always looking for the best talents on the market: software engineers, product managers, product specialists, UX designers,...

We work with the following technologies:

  • Practices – Agile Methods, DevOps
  • Languages – Java, TypeScript, C++, JavaScript, C#, Golang, Swift
  • Cloud – AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes
  • Web – Angular

Gesuchte Qualifikationen

+++ Team spirit +++
+++ Flexibility +++
+++ Technical competence +++

The specific qualifications depend on the respective job post.

Find all open positions here: jobs.dynatrace.at

Für Bewerber

Hilfreiche Informationen zum Bewerbungsprozess bei Dynatrace Austria.

  • Carina Windhager
    Head of R&D Recruiting
    +43 660 9082031

  • "First impressions count" | with meaningful and well-structured application documents you score points with us.

  • An authentic appearance is very important to us. Likewise, you will gain an advantage over other applicants by being well prepared for the interview.

  • Via our Careers website: jobs.dynatrace.at

  • We will inform you about the further course of the application process as soon as possible. After the first selection process, we will contact you and invite you for a personal interview.



Was Mitarbeiter sagen

Was Mitarbeiter gut finden

I can't recall a single bad memory from the 5.5 years I worked at Dynatrace. I always felt surrounded by smart and kind people who I can only learn from. Being an expat, Dynatrace also stood by my side when I decided to move back to my home country. When your manager and co-workers truly care about your needs and have your back, I believe that is what they call “human touch.” Dynatrace has that, and I'll always be grateful ...
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Relocation: The relocation was awesome. They provided an amazing agency that helped me in everything that I need, including getting an apartment. I'm very happy and would recommend Dynatrace to anybody.
Onboarding: The trainings are organized and I know what to do. The expectations from my leads are also clear. The team is very helpful and friendly. The culture of this company is amazing!
Bewertung lesen
Mitarbeiter der im Fokus. Tolle Kollegen. Guter Zusammenhalt. Moderne Büros und top Arbeitsmaterial. Interessante Aufgaben.
Bewertung lesen
People act as one big team, everybody is happy to help. Never experienced this in other companies
Bewertung lesen
Hoher Standard, schöne Arbeitsumgebung, flexible Arbeitszeiten, Rücksicht auf Familien/Kinder
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Was Mitarbeiter schlecht finden

Too much focus on new hires. Existing employees are being left behind.
A sad example for that:
A friend of mine was recently hired as Software Engineer in Dynatrace and gets paid better than me (who's been with the company for quite some years now). Given we have similar backgrounds and education this just feels wrong. No wonder that in Austria people usually don't really speak about their salaries. I already received a slight raise and thus it's not possible ...
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Gebunden an Standortbestimmungen in Ö. zb schwierig Home office außerhalb Ö. zu ermöglichen. Dies ist in einem internationalem Umfeld schwer vermittelbar.
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Fast growth sometimes leads to duplicated work or unclear responsibilities. If you are adaptable this shouldn't be a blocker.
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team leads are not trained with people skills ,Groupism of dev leads and they are given free hands , no Democratic process,
Bewertung lesen
Last year they introduced a view of "solutions" on top of the actual dev teams that are now considered "capabilities" or "resources". This might be a nice representation for marketing purposes but it does not reflect how we work.
Overall there is an uncontrolled growth happening and too many uncoordinated projects in parallel. I think in a couple of years this "bubble" will collapse.
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Remote-work Optionen ausbauen (Homeoffice Möglichkeiten gibt es; allerdings meine ich Ortsunabhängig) aktuell gibt es übrigens bedingt durch Corona freie Wahl zwischen Homeoffice oder Office. Hybride Arbeitsmodelle mit Homeoffice sind nach der Pandemie geplant.
Bewertung lesen
bring working levels from tree to flat hierarchy
Please don't hire internationals with less salary, please give them deserving salary, Please don't exploit drawback of RWR work permit restriction of not being open to job market
Bewertung lesen
More flexibility in terms of work from home models and core time although the latter can be discussed within the team. Also would be great to have more public transportation connections.
Bewertung lesen
Sich die Kultur bei ihrem massiven Wachstum beibehalten, wie immer das auch aussieht.
Take care of long-serving employees - some are overwhelmed with the growth.
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Bester und schlechtester Faktor

Am besten bewertet: Image


Der am besten bewertete Faktor von Dynatrace Austria ist Image mit 4,9 Punkten (basierend auf 49 Bewertungen).

Amazing future ahead of it, truly a world leader. Also if SW with hardware/industry spin isn't your bag then Austria doesn't have many pure SaaS companies that compete at this level.
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Man hört immer wieder von Start-Up-Spirit, flacher Hierarchie, agilen und autonomen Prinzipien. Leider merkt man davon intern eher wenig.
Bewertung lesen
Fragen Sie einfach die Ex-Kollegen auf der Social Site, wenn Sie interessiert sind
Bewertung lesen
Dynatrace ist ein super Produkt, und das wissen die Dynatracer auch.
In Linz probably one of the best-known companies in the industry.
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Am schlechtesten bewertet: Karriere/Weiterbildung


Der am schlechtesten bewertete Faktor von Dynatrace Austria ist Karriere/Weiterbildung mit 4,4 Punkten (basierend auf 55 Bewertungen).

There's quite some offerings in that regards. Unfortunately there's little to no time to actually do it. I have been using the platforms provided in my personal time though, which is nice to be able to do. I'd still wish there was more chances for that in work time.
Bewertung lesen
I don't see a chance to grow old in this company. There is too many rivalry going on among developers. Everybody is looking to step up in the hierarchy.
Bewertung lesen
Its a joke. Online video learning portals.. that's it. No soft skills training, no leadership training.. if you want to learn something it's self study all the way.
Bewertung lesen
Bzgl. Karriere: Man kann es durchaus zum Teamleiter bringen, darüber hinaus ist es schwer. Vor allem, weil die Firma auch Führungspersonal extern organisiert.
Was allerdings eine Alternative ist, ist die Abteilung wechseln und dort eine anderen Karrierepfad einzuschlagen.
Bzgl Weiterbildung:
Dafür ist man defacto selbst zuständig, Planung gibt es einfach nicht.
Aber man muss klar sagen, die Firma ist bereit Geld dafür Auszugeben (auch Auslandskonferenzen werden bezahlt) und kein Vorgesetzter hat was dagegen, wenn man sich etwas neues Ansehen will. ...
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Mitarbeiterentwicklung ist leider ein Fremdwort in dieser Firma
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