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Mobile Collaboration GmbH

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Mobile Collaboration GmbHMobile Collaboration GmbHMobile Collaboration GmbH
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  • 28.Apr. 2015
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  • 20.Apr. 2015
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I had an amazing experience working at MC. In 2008, I was finishing my master of science in information technology area at Hochschule Mannheim, when I was accepted and financed by MC to work on a new project on Android platform. At that time, Android was just a promise, and MC supported me to develop technologic for remote application upgrade on mobile devices. Everything was new on Android, each function module was discussed and shared with other Android developers internally and around the world. At the end of the project, we had a prototype to execute remote application upgrade for mobile devices on Android. I am very proud to work by a company, which invest on the development of a new technology and support students and professionals to develop knowledge, which are very useful for our days. Lastly, I could not forget all the support that my MC colleagues provided to me during the entire work, from the technical until the management team. They were very important to achieve the goals.

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