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Rising Tide GmbH

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Rising Tide GmbHRising Tide GmbHRising Tide GmbH
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  • 18.Okt. 2016
  • Mitarbeiter


Family atmosphere - employees and managers truly care about each other

Interessante Aufgaben

Fascinating work - truly worthwhile


Regular communication from leaders - open-door policy

Karriere / Weiterbildung

Training, workshops and self-directed study options available to all

Umwelt- / Sozialbewusstsein

Outstanding contributions pioneering progress in healthcare, research and education

  • 29.Sep. 2015
  • Mitarbeiter


Nice place to work with colleagues from various cultures.


A big family! Everyone is really committed in helping each other.

Interessante Aufgaben

You manage your area of competences from A till Z. No task segmentation or micro-management. Very interesting and convenient.


Open door policy. No matter your hierarchy level, you are free to express yourself.


Positive working atmosphere - alot of laughter. We actually take the time to celebrate successes.


Very diverse Leadership Team that truly sees Talent as the core and acts upon it. Very approachable.


Excellent team spirit - never worked in such a positive atmosphere before - happy to come to work every day!

Interessante Aufgaben

We are very dynamic and fast-paced - and enjoy working within this. May not be the right fit environment for everyone.

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