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K2 Partnering SolutionsK2 Partnering SolutionsK2 Partnering Solutions
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  • 20.Aug. 2015
  • Mitarbeiter


I am passionate about the environment that all associates at K2 work in - it needs to be a lively, fun, positive, competitive and nurturing environment for associates to succeed. Currently, we are working towards this goal - we are nearly there - but we have a planned office move in December that will make this a reality in Stuttgart.
I have read comments about competition amongst associates - we are a sales organisation - we compete amongst ourselves and the market on a healthy level.


Personally, I am responsible for all offices in Europe. We have Sales Directors in each office that deals with day to day scenarios. The Stuttgart office has struggled in the past, however, over the last 12 months, we have completely overhauled the management structure, team and environment. Currently, I believe that we have a competitive salary structure, clear career progression goals and realistic expectations from each associate.

  • 14.Aug. 2015
  • Mitarbeiter




a lot of pressure, people watching you all the time, no trust, competing against eachother, lying, unfriendly.


Very unprofessionell, not honest, no management skills. Afraid of conflict and no decision making skills.


In general very good-in between most resourcers. Sales are no team players and play against everyone. Management is trying to make people compet against eachother to improve the competition feeling. They do not understand however, that people nowadays work different. Unfair competion just divides the team and is demotivating. Next to this, in privat discussions, people are told that they soon will be fired and in one on one sessions other peoples issues or successes are brought into the conversation. Luckily, most resources build a supporting team for eachother.

  • 21.Mai 2015
  • Mitarbeiter


  • Austausch der Führung und jemanden der weiß was er tut installieren.

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