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CEB is a best practice insight and technology company. We have a unique view into what matters—and what works—when driving corporate performance. With more than 30 years of experience working with top companies to share, analyze, and apply proven practices, we deliver innovative solutions that help you unlock your full potential.

Every year we equip over 20,000 senior leaders from more than 10,000 organizations across 110 countries with the intelligence they need to respond quickly to evolving business conditions. In doing so we help them more effectively manage their talent, customers and operations to exceed business objectives.

With “The Challenger Sales”, CEB has revolutionized B2B Sales and has literally written the book on sales. By applying the challenger approach of teaching, tailoring and taking control of commercial interaction with clients you will manage sales processes in its most professional and successful manner.

Despite being part of a global leading company, CEB in DACH offers a startup mentality with strong growth targets. That means that you as an employee at CEB will constantly be asked for new ways and innovative approaches and to contribute to the performance of your team of young and highly engaged colleagues.


Simply put, we make companies better at what they do.  



915 Mio US Dollar


4200 weltweit


Wer wir sind

Produkte, Services, Leistungen

Best Practices & Decision Support

Thirty years ago, we realized that the most pressing challenges facing business leaders everywhere had often already been addressed — or were being solved — by other executives. That remains true today and is at the core of our business.

CEB offers more than 50 different memberships aligned to functional and key industry leadership roles. Our membership model is designed to deliver insights, tools, and advice that lead to transformative outcomes for your team and your company.

Leadership Councils

At the core of our membership programs are Leadership Councils through which we convene and provide support for decision makers in: Finance, Financial Services, Government, HR, IT, Innovation & Strategy, Risk &Audit, Marketing&Communications, Procurments &Operations, Sales&Service

Market Insights

Market Insight memberships are specialized services that address the unique insight and analytics needs of leaders in Marketing, Compliance, and Financial Services. These include our industry-leading CEB TowerGroup and CEB Iconculture offerings 

Talent Management & Measurement

We believe the difference between good companies and great companies is having the right people in the right roles, making talent the single largest driver of corporate performance. To optimize this potential, department and business leaders must link talent investments to outcomes and manage them with the same discipline and rigor they apply to other critical assets. With more than 10,000 organizations deploying our talent measurement solutions, CEB has the most comprehensive view into the drivers of leadership success, employee performance, and employee engagement. We use this knowledge to help you acquire and retain top talent through Selection & Assessment, Skill Development, Engagement & Alignment, and Sales Effectiveness services.




3 Standorte

  • Georgsplatz 1
    20099 Hamburg

  • Speicherstr. 59
    60327 Frankfurt am Main

  • Schulhausstr. 41
    8002 Zürich
Standorte Inland

In der DACH-Region

  •  CEB Hamburg/ Georgsplatz 1/ 20099 Hamburg


  • CEB/SHL Frankfurt/ Speicherstr. 59/ 60327 Frankfurt


  • CEB/SHL  Zürich/ Schulhausstr. 41/ 8002 Zürich

Standorte Ausland

54 offices worldwide

e.g. Washington DC, Chicago, London, Paris, Rom, Singapur, Hong Kong, Sydney,


Unternehmensangaben nach §6 Teledienstgesetz (TDG)


Georgsplatz 1
20099 Hamburg


Telefon (Zentrale): +49 (40) 30 06 60-0
Telefax (Zentrale): +49 (40) 30 06 60-11

Volker Jacobs

Sitz: Hamburg, Amtsgericht Hamburg: HRB 130791
Umsatzsteueridentifikationsnummer: DE 276478937

Tipps für Bewerber


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Interview Expert Demo
The Challenger Sale from CEB

Wen wir suchen

Gesuchte Qualifikationen

  • Sales Manager, Consultants and Graduates, fluent in English and German
  • University degree in international management, economics, psychology or similar disciplines


Was wir bieten

Was macht es besonders, für uns zu arbeiten?

What We Do

By pooling the collective experience of and outcomes from thousands of companies, CEB arrives at data- and fact-based insights about corporate performance. We help our members take on today's critical issues and realize greater business impact through proven functional and talent management solutions.

Who We Help

  •  87% of the FTSE 100

  •  100% of the Fortune 100

  •  90% of the Fortune 500

  •  74% of the Dow Jones Asian Titans

  •  21,000+ Senior Executives

  •  10,000+ Global Enterprises

  •  300,000+ Business Professionals


CEB equips senior leaders and their teams with insight and actionable solutions to transform operations. This distinctive approach, pioneered by CEB, enables executives to harness peer perspectives and tap into breakthrough innovation without costly consulting or reinvention. The model works by:

  • Fostering a network of senior leaders in key functional roles
  • Focusing on identifying their common challenges
  • Using world-class research to identify and build on proven solutions accessible for mututal advantage, and
  • Leveraging a global service infastructure to deliver these insights, best practices and tools
A Reputation for Excellence

Around the globe, members have said that we stand out because of our:

  • First-class advisory support and exceptional staff members,
  • High-quality analytics, assessments, and diagnostic tools,
  • Proven best practices and global insights that can be made locally relevant,
  • Peer benchmarks and executive networking events, and
  • Ability to challenge conventional thinking and drive business outcomes.

Sounds good? Get part of our team! Apply at or contact directly our recruiting!



Senior Talent Acqusition Manager

Simone Breker

Georgsplatz 1

20099 Hamburg

Tel: 0049-40 30060014











Wie würden wir die Firmenkultur umschreiben?

Mission and Values

We unlock the potential of organizations and leaders by advancing the science and practice of management.

We Believe in the Force of Ideas

A great idea—one that is right, proven, and actionable—has the potential to change the fortunes of an individual, a company, or even the world. That’s what keeps CEBers coming back every day to gather more data, run more analyses, debate more results, and, sometimes, tear it all up and start over again.

We Work with Exceptional Colleagues

We are a company of contrarian thinkers and problem solvers, of academic geeks and passionate inventors. Our success depends on finding the next great idea in business and the next thousand ideas after that. We stay hungry and curious. We never settle for “good enough” when “groundbreaking” is still waiting to be found.

We Believe in Making an Impact

You’ll feel it right away. It’s a buzzy, energetic, infectious but somehow intangible thing that permeates our offices and radiates from our people. We call it the Spirit of Generosity. It’s in the way we serve our members—intuitively and relentlessly. It’s in the way we collaborate with each other—selflessly and unconditionally. It’s in the way we pour back hours into the communities where we live and work.

When #CEBGivesBack, amazing happens. See how we show our Spirit of Generosity in our 2014 Community Impact Report.

We Believe You Should Never Stop Growing

No two years in the corporate world are ever the same. That simple truth is at the center of our business model, enabling us to provide unparalleled insights and value to our members. As their worlds change, so does ours. We reshape and stretch ourselves to fit the needs of our members, and as we do, we reshape our careers as well.

We Live to Learn

CEBers seek out new responsibilities, invite challenges, and reach beyond what is comfortable. When they do, we are there to propel them with formal training, mentoring, and coaching. We recognize their achievements with incentives, experiences, and rewards. There is no one too inexperienced to have something to teach or too tenured to have something new to learn.

Was sollten Bewerber noch über uns wissen?

A Firm Value

At CEB, one of our firm values is Stewardship of Exceptional Talent. We are passionate about continuously learning and sharpening our skills, and we offer an array of opportunities—both structured and informal—to do so.

A Strong Start

On your first day, we will teach you about CEB and begin building your networks through an orientation session. Soon after, your manager will provide an onboarding plan to train you on department-specific systems and to help you understand how your role contributes to firm-wide success.

You may even participate in the six-month CEB Foundations or Sales and Service Professional Development programs to help you build core business skills.

Strengthen Your Skills

Whether you’re a new hire or a seasoned professional, there is always room to grow at CEB. We encourage staff to build personal development plans based on different learning methods, including classroom, e-learning, and on-the-job training.

Through CEB University, we offer courses for a variety of skills, including management style, ethical leadership, root-cause analysis, and communication. One program, CEB Scholars, is offered to select high-performing staff members interested in pursuing a graduate degree part-time while working at the firm.

Meaningful Mentoring

Many of us recall having a good coach who helped to propel us forward and pushed us to be better. Part of our culture includes an apprenticeship model in which we offer coaching, on-the-job learning, mentoring, and support from peers and management.

Our mentoring program links junior-level staff to more experienced employees from outside of their direct reporting line. The desire to help others in their professional development can be contagious—many of our newer staff members eventually become mentors too!

Best-in-Class Assessments

We know that the best companies strive to improve individual performance and continue advancement. CEB encourages active, thoughtful participation from staff members to help them reach their goals and unlock their potential.

Each employee receives a formal annual review and, with the help of a manager, creates an individual development plan focusing on continued career growth.


Erwartungen an Bewerber

Submit Your Application

Via or via email to our recruiting team.

The Next Steps 

Once you have applied, a member of our talent acquisition team will review your information. If your background and experience are a match for a current opening, he or she will contact you directly by phone or e-mail.

How We Hire Exceptional People

The initial conversation that you have with a recruiter and the information shared during your digital interview are important to our hiring process and help us determine next steps.

Depending on the position, your interview experience with CEB may include an online assessment, behavioral interviews, business cases, auditions, and/or other exercises that help us select and hire truly exceptional talent.

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Tatsächlich hat man sehr viele Freiheiten - vielleicht wünscht sich der eine oder andere etwas mehr Steuerung


Sehr breit aufgestelltes Unternehmen, man bekommt viele Optionen und Möglichkeiten geboten - wenn man den zugreift und sie sich nimmt. Man kann sich Aufgabengebiete heraussuchen und weiter vorantreiben, vor allem aber seine eigene Arbeitsweise gestalten


Die interne Kommunikation ist manchmal etwas amerikanisch formuliert, also teilweise arg überschwenglich positiv - ich persönlich mag es lieber etwas sachlicher/nüchterner

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Entwicklung steht stets im Vordergrund, sehr positive Fehlerkultur, individuelles 1:1 Coaching durch Vorgesetzten


Super Unterstützung in der Schwangerschaft und Elternzeit. Beförderungsentscheidungen werden unabhängig vom Geschlecht getroffen und unterstützt.

Karriere / Weiterbildung

Sehr viel Spielraum für individuelle Weiterentwicklung wenn man selbst bereit ist aktiv mitzuarbeiten (e.g. neue herausfordernde Aufgaben werden bei entsprechender Eignung auch gerne an jüngere Berater vergeben zwecks Lernerfahrung)

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