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  • 24.07.2013
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Spannende Aufgaben und täglich neue...

Firma BayerHealthcare AG
Stadt Wuppertal
Jobstatus Aktueller Job
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Spannende Aufgaben und täglich neue Herausforderungen. Ausgezeichnete Teamarbeit wird in den Projekten an denen ich beteiligt bin gelebt.

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BayerHealthcare AG
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BayerHealthcare AG
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  • 20.10.2015


Firma BayerHealthcare AG
Stadt Wuppertal
Beworben für Position Project Manager-Clinical Trial Management
Jahr der Bewerbung 2015
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I had two interviews with them, one was with a recruiter who would potentially be my boss. The other was with his boss. The interviews went well, and I was told that I would be told about the outcome latest in week or so. I never heard from them after that. I followed up with them politely, but never got a response. I think in this day and age, such behaviour is really unacceptable especially with candidates who are so highly qualified. In the end, candidates take time off to interview with other companies, and the least they can expect is a timely response. I know that some people are just two cowardly to either say no or that they need more time, but this really reflects bad on the company

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