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Evolving Systems

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Evolving SystemsEvolving SystemsEvolving Systems
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I don't have any advice to the Management, but I do have advice to major shareholders.
Make complete company AUDIT to check KPI values of Sales Force, Management and you will be very surprised

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1. Company seems not to care at all for you as a person, no apparent HR social rules of engagement. As an employee you will be completely unprotected.
2. Company doesn't have real vision for its products or future in general.
3. Company is pushing its employees to the limits while threatening to fire them.
4. Company makes requests to accomplish a task while not providing examples, guidelines and when you make something not according to the vision of "Person A you get at least slapped in the face or stabbed in your back by your co-workers.
5. Virtually no learning curve, you get thrown to deep water in the middle of the ocean and somebody shouting at you "Swim or die" !!!
6. You feel so unsafe for your job, that you expect every day to get fired.
7. If you already took the challenge and made a "smart" decision" to join Evolving Systems, I would suggest you before signing any contracts, take it to a good lawyer for a profound check. In later even of layoff this company will do what ever it can not to pay you your last paycheck

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