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Fonterra (Europe) GmbH

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Fonterra (Europe) GmbHFonterra (Europe) GmbHFonterra (Europe) GmbH
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Fonterra (Europe) was in my experience a great employer, whether you were ambitious or not.Fonterra offers great opportunities to develop a career with a major multinational company in the dairy industry, whether in Sales, Business Development, or Technical. Management are prepared to support you to extend your experience & capabilities as far as possible. Particularly if you are interested in working overseas, eventually.Or if you are not so ambitious Fonterra offers an interesting variety of work, pleasant working conditions, a relaxed atmosphere & great colleagues. Personally, one of the most enjoyable aspects of working for Fonterra was chance to work with colleagues from different countries, and also to meet customers from several different countries in Europe.

  • 23.Mai 2008 (Geändert am 26.Mai 2008)
  • Mitarbeiter


The company is fair to employees. It provides enough challenges and opportunities for those who are interested in professional growth. At the same time the company does not have "up or out" approach so those who do not want to grow are treated fairly and work for long time.Personally, I got many benefits from the company: career growth, International Assignment in Germany, financial support for my MBA studies. I worked for the company for more than 8 years and left it due to my decision to persue other opportunities in Eastern Europe. Nevertheless, the redundancy process was very, very fair and transparent. The company culture is easy and democratic. Communications within company are very easygoing but can be quite complex for those who have to communicate with head office in New Zealand.


Neuseelands größtes Unternehmen, 30% Weltmarktanteil im internaionalem Milchproduktehandel.Milchwirtschaft?! Hört sich nicht so spannend an? Ist aber viel spannender als mein letzter AG, der im High-Tech-Maschinenbau führend war!Vertriebsgesellschaft Europa mit EUR >500 Millionen Umsatz. Ca 70 MA. Zentrale für Europe liegt in Hamburg.Sehr dynamisch, globaler Markt mit sehr internationaler Besetzung.Besonderer Fokus auf Personalentwicklung im Rahmen der "Talent Hub Strategy".Bewerber für "Hamburgs Beste Arbeitgeber 2009"

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