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    • 3,8Gehalt/Sozialleistungen
    • 4,1Image
    • 3,9Karriere/Weiterbildung
    • 4,5Arbeitsatmosphäre
    • 3,9Kommunikation
    • 4,5Kollegenzusammenhalt
    • 4,2Work-Life-Balance
    • 4,1Vorgesetztenverhalten
    • 4,3Interessante Aufgaben
    • 4,3Arbeitsbedingungen
    • 3,9Umwelt-/Sozialbewusstsein
    • 4,5Gleichberechtigung
    • 4,4Umgang mit älteren Kollegen



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Marketing Manager:in7 Gehaltsangaben
Ø41.600 €
Leiterin Finanz- und Rechnungswesen3 Gehaltsangaben
Ø139.300 €
Recruiter:in3 Gehaltsangaben
Ø53.000 €
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Global Savings Group
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Mitarbeiter nehmen bei diesem Arbeitgeber vor allem diese Faktoren wahr: Mitarbeitern vertrauen und Kundenorientiert handeln.

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Global Savings Group
Branchendurchschnitt: Internet
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Wer wir sind

Global Savings Group | Connecting Commerce to Content.

Global Savings Group (GSG) is the leading European Commerce Content platform focussing on the delivery of consumer rewards, cashback, savings opportunities, and shopping content. By assisting millions of consumers to make smarter purchasing decisions, GSG enables advertisers to reach high-intent users at scale in 20+ markets around the world. GSG operates 100+ digital assets with the world’s leading publishers, helping them to monetize by delivering products, recommendations, cashback and discounts to consumers.

Founded in 2012 by Adrian Renner, Andreas Fruth, and Gerhard Trautmann, GSG’s fast-growing team of more than 500 tech enthusiasts, online marketers, account managers and editors today funnels more than 3 million purchases every month. By aggregating the editorial curation and distribution of Commerce Content on one unique technology stack, GSG is transforming the way consumers buy, brands sell, and digital publishers earn – one transaction at a time.

Want to be part of the transformation?

We are always looking for creative minds, entrepreneurs, and ambitious talents that want to become part of our truly international company culture (we speak >45 languages!!).
Browse through our current open positions and #joingsg
in one of our offices around the world!



Was wir bieten


Die folgenden Benefits wurden am häufigsten in den Bewertungen von 66 Mitarbeitern bestätigt.

  • HomeofficeHomeoffice
  • Flexible ArbeitszeitenFlexible Arbeitszeiten
  • Mitarbeiter-EventsMitarbeiter-Events
  • Gute VerkehrsanbindungGute Verkehrsanbindung
  • Hund erlaubtHund erlaubt
  • InternetnutzungInternetnutzung
  • ParkplatzParkplatz
  • Betriebliche AltersvorsorgeBetriebliche Altersvorsorge
  • CoachingCoaching
  • DiensthandyDiensthandy
  • BarrierefreiBarrierefrei
  • Gesundheits-MaßnahmenGesundheits-Maßnahmen
  • RabatteRabatte
  • EssenszulageEssenszulage
  • KantineKantine
  • Mitarbeiter-BeteiligungMitarbeiter-Beteiligung
  • BetriebsarztBetriebsarzt

Was Global Savings Group über Benefits sagt

We are very proud to offer a truly international work environment (we speak >45 languages!!) and a dynamic start-up atmosphere! A steep learning curve and responsibility from day one is guaranteed. In addition to this be prepared for:

  • Centrally located modern offices
  • A trust based culture with flexible working hours
  • 2 Home office days / month
  • Regular office and team events e.g. Summer Party, Christmas party, Oktoberfest, company breakfast and Friday Beer O'clocks and much more!
  • MacOS / Windows? Depends on how you work the best!
  • Nespresso coffee, Tea, Club Mate, fresh fruit and all-you-can-eat-cereal
  • Dogs are welcome!


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Was Mitarbeiter gut finden

work from home policy, co2 friendly travel policy
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Remote working is very nice
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-very international
-really cool colleagues
-very flat hiearchy
-lots of team events
-letting us work from home during covid which is super appreciated
-coffee machine
-coworkers are just great in general
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The collegues are really amazing and the environment is really good. Management is really friendly and nice and really good work life balance.
Bewertung lesen
I really like that GSG is really improving in all their process and procedures and aiming to become a truly global company. They put a lot of effort into training and coaching all employees as well as supporting us as good as possible.
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Was Mitarbeiter schlecht finden

No benefits , low salariy , bad colleagues
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Salary is way too low and not competitive at all. Employees have to ask to get promoted which shouldn't be how it is. There is no long term career planning and employees feel undervalued with the salary they receive.
Bewertung lesen
- Some employees are treated as a replaceable resource.
- Regular unpaid overtime and the option to make up hours is only given after lengthy discussions.
- Often negative feedback or suggestions for improvement are ignored and instead topics are tackled that aren't as pressing. E.g. salaries have been an issue for years, while great team spirit has been praised even in reviews on platforms such as this. Instead of effectively tackling the salary problem, HR worked on defining company ...
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You can't trust HR. It's more management and HR against the employees, then HR is a helpful and trustful part of the company. Salary is way too low, and foreign employees are having terrible contracts to put some pressure on them.
Bewertung lesen
Leveling and salary need to be looked at closer and improved, people shouldn’t have to ask for a promotion when clearly they do a much higher level job then you hired them at be more transparent when hiring people so they are aware of this.
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Need to detect the problematic people in the company
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Invest more in your internal employees and have a more fair promotion cycle. Don't just promote people who ask for it or threaten to leave. People shouldn't have to threaten to leave to get a promotion.
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Mehr Transparenz über die Arbeit und Fortschritte der einzelnen Abteilungen und der Niederlassungen z.B. in Asien, USA oder Brasilien
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Pay higher salaries and don't make people ask to get promotions. People should not have to ask to get promoted.
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fällt mir gerade nichts ein
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Bester und schlechtester Faktor

Am besten bewertet: Arbeitsatmosphäre


Der am besten bewertete Faktor von Global Savings Group ist Arbeitsatmosphäre mit 4,5 Punkten (basierend auf 13 Bewertungen).

Great atmosphere cool office with great people
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C-level, esp. CEO is present in the office and approachable for everyone. Great colleagues from all over the world!
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A very open and welcoming atmosphere witha lot of cool colleagues.
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Nicht nur das es ein unglaublicher Mix aus verschiedenen Kulturen und Charakteren ist, diese Firma schafft es sogar diese mit einander zu verbinden. Wenn man möchte kommt man mit jedem in Kontakt und lernt jeden kennen. Vom direkten Kollegen bis zu den Gründern, ohne Unterschied.
All the colleagues are super nice
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Am schlechtesten bewertet: Gehalt/Sozialleistungen


Der am schlechtesten bewertete Faktor von Global Savings Group ist Gehalt/Sozialleistungen mit 3,8 Punkten (basierend auf 12 Bewertungen).

Salaries are very low and no benefits
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Salary is very low and not competitive at all. No room to move up here and promotions aren't fair and equal.
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Salary is quite uncompetitive as well as you have a lot of people which are being paid as a junior yet they do a senior level job which isnt fair
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Salary generally isn't very competitive, especially in relation to workload and responsibility, but there is potential to quickly advance within the company.
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Gehalt ist i.O., nicht übermäßig. Keine zusätzlichen Boni, Urlaubs- oder Weihnachtsgeld.
Dafür gibt es andere kleine Benefits wie kostenloses Frühstück, Obst, Kaffee und mehrere Events.
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Karriere und Weiterbildung



Karriere/Weiterbildung wird mit durchschnittlich 3,9 Punkten bewertet (basierend auf 10 Bewertungen).

No room to move up. You have to ask for a promotion rather than getting a promotion from your performance. Pay raises are not good at all barely make up for the cost of living per year. They spend a lot of money in freelancers rather than in their own employees. They do have linkedin learning but thats about it. They spend a huge amount of money on external employees rather than promoting and training their internal employees.
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The company introduced a lot of things in the last year, every employee can have a development plan and there is a new performance management in place.
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Ability to learn a lot from colleagues in different teams and internal basic trainings, but external courses or other benefits are rarely offered.
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There's still some space for improvment, but you can grow both personally as well as professionally.
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- Organisation interner & externer Trainings
- Seit 2019 gibt es klare Wachstumspläne für jeden einzelnen Mitarbeitern
- Möglichkeit für job rotation, auch ins Ausland
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