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We like solving problems—taking things apart, seeing how they work and putting them back together, better. We lead the way in combining science and hands-on experience to solve the toughest sales and marketing challenges. For more than 30 years, we’ve learned from each success and apply our passion to help customers win and grow.

When the forces of sales and marketing combine, the impact can be incredible. Together, they have the power to boost market share, increase revenue, lower costs and improve overall business performance.

That’s impact where it matters. And, in collaboration with our clients, that’s exactly the kind of impact ZS delivers.





Wer wir sind

Produkte, Services, Leistungen

It's hard to explain exactly what you do to people who've never worked in consulting. You work for ZS, but you work for someone else, too—the client, who drives our business. Each client situation is different and requires a customized solution from a ZS team. Our work rests on several core tenets that allow us to add value to each client engagement:


ZS is recognized around the world for our expertise in go-to-market and sales force strategies. Our offerings range from broad sales and marketing strategy development to detailed tactical implementation. ZS has a strong presence in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and 85% of ZS revenue comes from these sectors, yet we also apply our issue expertise to other targeted industries.

Client Value

The value we provide and the partnerships we create have made us one of the largest specialized sales and marketing firms in the world. Our history and expertise make us a valued partner of many Fortune 500 companies.


ZS is a high-energy workplace with a focus on project delivery, making it a fun and team-oriented environment. Work relationships are collegial—not constrained by titles or levels. Individually, being an expert in all sales and marketing issues is impossible, but our collective knowledge and team focus allows each ZS team to deliver the best to every client.


Innovation is central to our business. Practices and knowledge are always evolving, so we aim to constantly deliver fresh ideas and solutions to improve our clients' organizations. Some of that innovation will come from the global perspectives of your teammates, who may be in your office or around the world.

Perspektiven für die Zukunft

At ZS, you partner with clients during all parts of the process, from analyzing issues to implementing solutions. You'll combine your own analysis and research with our client's judgment and experience. As an ally, we help them evaluate the benefits and risks of strategic options. To see how our innovative thinking solves real business problems, watch this video.

To address the increasingly diverse nature of our business, work is delivered in three broad capability areas to coordinate and develop people and expertise, and to use processes and tools that maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Employees see success in building a portfolio of skills. Certain skill patterns are likely to emerge, but no two ZSers need be exactly alike.

Additionally, ZS Associates has an internal corporate support organization that operates ZS business functions and supports our client-facing professionals.


Flexibility to Create Impact in Your Work and Your Life

When it comes to our work, we believe what matters most is the impact we create for our clients (including those inside ZS) and we know that your ability to create that impact depends on work/life balance, especially over the long term of a career. That’s why we believe in flexible work options.

We also know that every ZSer’s personal priorities are different and that those priorities can shift over time. To support those diverse and changing needs, we base our flexible work practices on principles, not strict policies.

Our global working model and today’s technology give us options to choose when and where we work, but being available for clients and teams remains the priority.

We offer three types of flexible work arrangements:

  • Ad-Hoc Arrangements:  Occasionally we all need time during work hours to handle personal commitments. For these ad hoc, one-off occurrences, we make arrangements with project managers and teams.
  • Short-Term Flex Arrangements:  Can be agreed to within each project team.  These include limited adjustments in when and where you work, such as shifting a few hours in a day or occasionally working from home, for instance—last up to one quarter.
  • Ongoing Flex Arrangements: Longer-term adjustments in when and where you work and perhaps adjustments in the number of hours you work each week—provide flexibility beyond those parameters.  



Für Bewerber


ZS - Who We Are

Wen wir suchen

Gesuchte Qualifikationen

We hire analytic and quantitative people to apply their skills to real business problems. You'll need to be a big-picture thinker as well, because we work on complex issues that help shape sales and marketing in many organizations.

While we want your analytic skills, we also require personal presence, business acumen and strong communication skills. We're looking for colleagues who are interested in a career with us, not people who enter consulting only for the experience. We respect each other as colleagues and enjoy each other as friends.

We hire smart people, encourage them to think creatively about sales and marketing problems, and empower them to grow into thought leaders over time.

Was wir bieten

Was macht es besonders, für uns zu arbeiten?

ZS has a team-oriented, collaborative work environment that provides the support you need to make a contribution and witness its impact. Our people are our strongest asset. Each member of your project team will come with a unique talent, but each individual's contribution will blend to create a group product that improves our clients’ sales and marketing function.

We're a young company—our founders are still active as directors in the firm—so we retain much of the exhilaration from our early days, yet we've grown and are acting on a bigger stage. Although ZS shares the resources of more than 1,700 people, we've retained a family feel. We focus on delivering the best results at work, and we often find friendships with fellow ZSers outside work.



Wie würden wir die Firmenkultur umschreiben?

ZS is where ethics, integrity and mutual respect meet. Our shared beliefs on client focus and value reinforce an environment of collaboration, adaptation and constant improvement. We expect a lot from ourselves and from each other, and we think that's good. You'll work with people who inspire you to raise your performance level, which will increase your value on projects, accelerate your learning and expertise development, and drive your career growth.

Was sollten Bewerber noch über uns wissen?

Two core ZS values—“Treat People Right” and “Do the Right Thing”—guide our perspective on inclusion and diversity. The firm is focused on creating an environment in which all individuals can perform at their best. Our goal is to create teams that work effectively together and deliver high performance to our clients.

We encourage people with varied backgrounds at the firm. We develop and train our associates and then provide the opportunity and environment to perform. Because rewards are based on merit, everyone can contribute and develop, regardless of background. We're committed to making ZS a place where everyone can stay with us, succeed and grow.


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  • 13.Juli 2015 (Geändert am 21.Juli 2015)
  • Mitarbeiter


Einzigartige Kultur, spannende Herausforderungen und sehr gute Perspektive, weiterzukommen; ausserdem die beste Unternehmensberatung fuer Frauen (flexible Arbeitszeiten, starke Initiative fuer Frauen in Fuehrungspositionen!)

  • 12.Juli 2015
  • Mitarbeiter


Flache Hierarchien und sehr individuelle, persönliche Beratung und Betreuung von PD Managern und Projektmanagern.


Sehr kollegiale und freundliche Büroatmosphäre und sehr professionale Teamarbeit.


Sehr internationales Team. Deutsche Sprachkenntnisse sind nicht erforderlich.

Umgang mit Kollegen 45+

Es ist ein sehr junges Unternehmes. Es gibt im Frankfurter Büro wenige Kollegen über 45 Jahre.

  • 23.Jan. 2012
  • Mitarbeiter


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