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  • 21.06.2013

Insufficient Contact Options

Firma Airbnb Germany GmbH
Stadt Hamburg
Beworben für Position Cuntrymanager Germany
Jahr der Bewerbung 2013
Ergebnis Absage


The Platform AirBnB ranks in professionalism in B2C Communication and reservation handling among the industry leaders.

Yet the unease of the used e-recruiting software (Jobvite) and the post application process does not correspond to that image. For a growing Start Up with an extensive recruitment process for international spread, the minimum requirement would be the reachability of its HR department. All efforts to contact the HR team trough

1. Calls to SFO Head office and
2. Both German offices (Berlin and Hamburg having the Hamburg number) and even
3. The Venture Capital company in Berlin (very polite response there, forwarding the call
to the Berlin office)

ended in the respective outsourced Call centres in Barcelona (very kind, but due to restrictions completely incapable of solving a contact request) and even after opening internal tickets resulted in NO (!) direct contact to an actual PERSON at AirBnB.

There is a great company with a great tool and a lot of potential in the market. I will continue to try to get in touch ... as there seems a big opportunity to impact and CHANGE things to the good. First working on COMMUNICATION and "Opportunity to CONTACT"

Keep contacting them, all the best, B.

  • 31.07.2012

Bewerbung bei Airbnb Germany: 2,4 von 5

Firma Airbnb Germany GmbH
Stadt Hamburg
Jahr der Bewerbung 2011
Ergebnis für spätere Berücksichtigung vorgemerkt
Zufriedenstellende Reaktion
Schnelle Antwort
Erwartbarkeit des Prozesses
Professionalität des Gesprächs
Vollständigkeit der Infos
Angenehme Atmosphäre
Wertschätzende Behandlung
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Erklärung der weiteren Schritte
Zeitgerechte Ab- / Zusage
  • 31.05.2012

Start up with ambitious goals

Firma Airbnb Germany GmbH
Stadt Hamburg
Beworben für Position HR-Office Manager/in (m/f)
Jahr der Bewerbung 2012
Ergebnis Absage


  • Positiv: Rückfrage vom AG nach Abschluss des Verfahrens, was am Prozess (like/dislike) optimiert werden kann. Sehr gute Idee und zeigt, Reflexivität und capable of development - prima.

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