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  • 25.Apr. 2014
  • Mitarbeiter


Nice colleagues!

  • 08.Okt. 2013 (Geändert am 18.Okt. 2013)
  • Mitarbeiter


i loved working there before August 2013. it took me the longest time to finally be able to quit my relatively secure corporate job for something that seemed worth it and fab was back then when i applied really THAT company i wanted to do that for. the first couple of months were really great. i loved the job, the people and the company.
but the atmosphere has gotten rather grim since the massive layoffs started in August 2013. i feel truly sorry for everyone working in DBY, whose second day in berlin was to witness the layoff there, then the new york ditch and god knows where the axe will swing next. i don't know how the management will ever be able to restore the trust, that is pretty much gone now.


overall ok, but i was working within a very small and mostly self-managed team. we had weekly calls with a person (seriously, text scanning robots, get a life) in new york, that filled us in on company development, got our reports and assigned new tasks. on a professional basis rather good (apart from some argruments regarding more technical details), but on the leadership and people skill side rather poor. we were left in the dark about our layoff to the very last second to ensure we'd keep on working hard. it's understandable from the company's perspective, but rather cynical if a year of hard work gets you fired in the end anyway without so much as a hint.

  • 04.Okt. 2013
  • Mitarbeiter

Umgang mit Kollegen 45+

There's very few 45+ colleagues, but the ones that are were a pleasure to work with


  • Better communication processes, less show and tell and more be.


I immensely enjoyed the atmosphere amongst the co-workers, it was more like a giant meeting place for friends while doing your job. Obviously there wasn't too much of a work-life balance, as most of us put in that extra effort and went the extra mile to do a good job. I never felt that was a burden to my personal life, but then again I believe in a shift towards work-life integration of sorts.

Fab offers many perks as a free lunch (vegan, vegetarian and regular with a salad bar), free drinks, fresh fruit, cake every now and then, and the office is just an amazing place with a garden near the Spree, including full WiFi connectivity.

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