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Firma CeleraOne GmbH
Stadt Berlin
Jobstatus Aktueller Job
Position/Hierarchie Angestellte/r - Arbeiter/in
Unternehmensbereich IT


I like the friendly atmosphere, with competent, funny and relaxed colleagues. Work itself is interesting and the pressure level allows for a good work experience. There are sometimes work peaks like everywhere, but overall they are very employee oriented. You work with professionals with high standards professionally as well personally! Free drinks and fruit as well as team events are nice extras!


As with every fast growing company not everything is perfect and well rounded, which can be frustrating at some points but on the other hand allows quite some freedom in making the company they way you would like it. Innovations are welcomed but sometimes need some more convincing than one might expect.

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CeleraOne GmbH
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CeleraOne GmbH
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